Thursday, September 22, 2011

Too Crowded?

While living in my old apartment I had made SEVERAL wreaths... I LOVE WREATHS!
(And I displayed them all over my second bedroom!)

Well, they have been laying on one of my bedroom floors waiting for me to repair and hang them up ever since I moved into my house back in July. For whatever reason I have been avoiding doing the job each and every since day.

Yesterday I finally did it!

Here they are:

Do they look too crowded?
I kinda think they do, but I have to contain them to one room (and really one and a half walls) so my choices are limited. I will display them in my living room or kitchen whenever the holiday deems one of my wreaths.
I plan on making a fall one for my door one of these days. :)

Already have the wreath and the fall decorations - just need some fall leaves or flowers now.

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