Sunday, September 25, 2011

To Me, From Me

Look what I got:
Whoo hoo!
I cannot wait to start using this bad boy!
We saw it on sale for a good price at Meijer Saturday night - the one about 35 miles from my house - and I decided not to buy it even though I had been wanting one for about 2 years.

Once we got home I kept thinking about it and figured I might as well do some research on it because we could always go back tomorrow and get it. Well, while doing research I found a $30 mail in rebate for that particular model.
The catch - purchase had to be made between July 17 and September 24! Saturday was September 24!
Wholly Molly!
Was it fate that brought me to my very own Kitchen aid mixer???

So after much debate with myself Matt and I left the house at 10:30  (with Wyatt) to check out the Meijer by my house. Of course they didn't have it in stock. Go figure! I decided since this store didn't have the Kitchen aid mixer it wasn't meant to be. Matt talked me into driving to the further store telling me I should buy it now while it was on sale instead of waiting until later when it would be back to its original price of $299.
Plus, I had just sold the washer and dryer that had came with this house for a little less then the cost of the mixer.

We ended up checking out a little after 11:30 PM
I got my mixer - now all I need is a recipe!

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  1. Love it! Happy you decided to get it; you will enjoy it very much. Love you!