Friday, September 9, 2011

Traveling Vietnam Wall

Sometimes you see something that really touches your heart.
And I mean really touches your heart all the way to the core.
Today, for a team building activity with my co-workers, we went and saw the traveling Vietnam Wall here in Louisville, KY.

The wall is amazing! So many people put a ton of time and effort into making it beautiful for everyone to come and see.
I am too young to know anyone by name on the wall but it was a great sight. We should all pay our respects to the brave woman and men who sacrifice EVERYTHING so we can live in the land of the free. Engraved on these walls are the names of the soldiers who didn't make it home from the Vietnam war.
I hate to say it, but I don't think I would have went and saw it if I hadn't done it with my co-workers. A big thanks to my boss for coming up with this idea!

Here's the wall:
On the wall are all 58,195 soldiers who lost their lives to the war.
That's a whole lot of names, some of which are still not on/in American soil. The speaker told us 2 bodies were found as of today! Big round of applause from the audience when we were informed of this wonderful news. They are currently in Hawaii I believe he said where they are undergoing tests to identify who they are. I am sure there families once notified will begin to feel peace knowing they are now home. 

I thought this represented the American soldier well.
Did you see the white cap above the left boot?
Someone left a small bottle of Jim Beam. LOL!
 This is the post card between the boots.
And this is the sign next to the display.
Wonderful quote - maybe I will get this up on my wall one of these days.
 They had a casket/box where you could write a letter and it will be sealed for all eternity under the ground to rest with the soldiers. It was a beautiful box.
 Teeny tiny helicopter.
 Today at 3 PM was the opening ceremony.
It was a good ceremony which brought tears to my eyes at one point - very touching and very sad. All of the speakers either served int he war or lost a loved one to the Vietnam war or the current war we are fighting.
Not only was the traveling Vietnam Wall here, so was a small replica of the 9/11 memorial wall for all the people who lost there lives on September 11, 2001
This hit closer to home for me since this is a war I have been living through within my lifetime (like all of you).
Where were you when the terrorist attacks happened?
I was at school...
I remember being in my homeroom class and a boy named Eric telling us about the first plane followed by the second plane hitting the World Trade Center - he was an aid in the period before and had seen it online. At the time I thought he was joking. Who would tell such a horrible thing? Looking back I should have known he wasn't messing with us.
In the next period we were informed by our teacher what was going on.
One girl ran out of class crying because her father was in the Pentagon. (He ended up being fine - wasn't near it.) Our school didn't allow us to watch the news even though each room had a TV and other schools in our county were watching it. I grew up in a military town so I am assuming that had something to do with that decision.
 Check out this car:

You should go to this event if you live in the Louisville area - closing ceremony is this Sunday.

Soldiers - Thanks for all you have done and continue to do! I appreciate what you are fighting for!

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