Thursday, September 8, 2011

Paint Makes The World Better

Last week or maybe it was 2 or probably more like 3 weeks ago I went around my house collecting stuff for Goodwill that I no longer needed/wanted. I came across a few items I thought maybe I would like to hold onto in case I need them again in the future.
Wrong thinking.
I remembered that I had promised Matt I would not keep extra stuff around the house that I was not using. I don't want to be one those people (a hoarder) who keeps items in the garage in Tupperware. That turns into the lady who has a garage full of stuff and then becomes a lady with a house full of stuff and then maybe a lady who has multiple storage units of stuff. It would just be a never ending cycle!
Plus why should I spend $5 to buy a box to house stuff I might or might not ever use again!?!?!
Not doing it anymore.
I will be the first one to admit I have done this for years and years claiming I would use the items once I had a house.

Well guess what?
I have a house!
If I have no need for it now, I'll never have a need for it.

So what do I decide to do?
I decided to make a few items useful by changing their appearance.
Good idea, right?
I thought so too!

I had a trash can which I need for my hall bathroom, 2 cute tin jars which don't match my d├ęcor, and a bread basket that I love but hate the gold color.
Spray painted them all a nice nickel color after priming them and now I have these beauties!
I am still deciding if I want to change the color of the trash bin to white (my entire bathroom is white and it looks a bit out of place)... but other than that I think my items turned out wonderful! Already have the other 3 items on my bookshelf which I'll show you soon.
Another successful painting job done by this amateur painter. :)


  1. Looking forward to seeing your "new" stuff! Don't forget my light plate. I love you!

  2. You forgot your light switch and then I forgot to bring it to you... go figure!