Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Only Half Ugly Now

I had an ugly lamp...

Who doesn't?
Gold and maroon - screamed 1980's.
Not the look I was going for in my bedroom. Even though I have lived with the ugly thing for a few years.. Not sure why, I have no excuse.

Actually I do have a few excuses...
I'm cheap.
It was free.
I didn't care.
It wasn't hurting anyone.
I was living in an apartment.
I finally decided to correct the lamp issue. The evening I decided to do something about the lamp it was misting outside and the temperature was just right for me to be in the garage - with the door open for ventilation.
got adventurous and wandered the whole yard while I worked! I think he
is loving his own yard and I'm loving the fenced in area!
Back to the lamp - I primed it using the same spray paint I used on my other items and allowed it to dry.
Then, using a $1 can of black spray paint I painted on 2 coats. I did this so I would use less of my more expensive color. My mom saw this wonderful nibble of advice a long time ago out there in Blogland; who knows where.
It worked like a charm!
I love that you can do this with a solid color when it closely matches your final color. You should do this whenever you are painting. You can't tell a difference!
I only needed one coat of paint of the final color.

Base looks good now!

I even went as far as resurfacing the bottom with new felt. (The old felt was no longer sticking as good as it once did.

My lamp shade is yellowish and does nothing for my beautiful lamp base which means something needed to be done.
I wanted to buy a new lamp shade or disguise the current one, but I haven't found a cheap one I decided to use ribbon to make this one decent at least until I find something better.
However, none of my ribbon looked good on it.
Maybe ribbon is not the way to go...

I just need to find a new lamp shade!
Here's my pretty base with its ugly lamp shade.


  1. You did it! Yeah! Proud that you just jumped in and sprayed! Love you. Mom

  2. Thanks!
    Now I have other items to spray paint...