Sunday, September 18, 2011

Made By Me Apple Foods

Remember how Matt and I went apple picking last weekend?
If you don't, read a few posts below because we did go and we had fun!

Thursday night I decided to make applesauce and a pie.
They were both very good!

For both recipes this was my first ever attempt.
I did okay....
I'll do even better on my second attempt.

Here is my applesauce which I followed the recipe from Joy of Cooking found on my favorites toolbar.

My pie I found a recipe on Allrecipies. It wasn't the prettiest thing, but it was yummy!
Next time I will make the pie in a cake pan since it is higher and I think the pie would be ever better with more filling. This was supposed to hold 6 cups of apples. YA RIGHT! I am lucky if it held three cups! Maybe they have bigger pie pans then me....
It's a mystery...

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  1. Are you home already? And this does look delish! Love you. XoXo