Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Kentucky Derby Museum

I hope you took advantage of Museum day on Saturday.
We did.
We should have gone to 2 museums, but we stayed home watching movies instead. (Worth renting: Something Borrowed and Limitless; The Setup was alright - might be your kind of movie, but wasn't ours.)
We went to the Kentucky Derby Museum which I had wanted to go to ever since I had gone to Churchill Downs last year. I am glad we got to go while it was free since the only thing we really liked was taking the tour of the outside. I think this would have been a lot more exciting for me if I was into the Derby. Not really my thing. I can see why people get excited about it though.
I did take a few pictures for you to see:
Doesn't this look like something the evil Queen would have worn in Snow White???
What with being pointy at the top and all...

This is the path the jockeys take with the horses along with the owners.
Our tour guide said the owners never miss this even if they have to walk in there fancy clothes/shoes through rain and mud!

And now for some randon ones...
Did you know the Derby has never missed a season?
Crazy considering it has taken place during 2 World Wars!!!