Sunday, September 11, 2011

It's Apple Picking Time!


Second, a big shout out to G - HAPPY 55th BIRTHDAY yesterday!!!

This weekend was great! I got to spend time with my parents and my Matt!
Friday my parents were here and we just went to dinner and relaxed.
Saturday everyone was here. My mom and I worked on my plants outside the hosue while Matt and G worked on finishing more work in the house (seems to never end). Since this was G's birthday we had ice cream cake and went out to dinner. YUMMY!

Today Matt and I did more work on the house and apple picked.

We went to Joe Huber's Farm which is where we picked strawberries a few months ago.
Had a fun just like last time. Lots of people here today!
(This is the exact tractor we rode to the apple trees and back.)
When we got there we took the tractor 'ride' to the area where you can pick apples. So many apple trees!
If you go, walk as far away from the drop off zone as you can. This, we decided, is where all the plentiful trees are located.
This was mine and Matt's first time picking apples. Every time I picked an apple it seemed like two would fall off from somewhere else on the tree even though I was trying to be careful. Guess I wasn't as careful as I thought I was. Oops! Before that I was getting on to Matt for dropping so many apples. :)
We tried an apple while picking. Not sure if you were allowed to - we made up for this by buying 30 pounds of apples.
We bought enough for me, his mom and his boss. I am going to try a few different recipes this week. I'll be sure to blog about them.
Fun times!
I almost forgot to mention... Matt spotted a bird's nest in one of the apple trees.
The mama bird should convert her babies to apples due to the mass quantity! LOL!

We drove by pumpkins! We could have picked some today but we decided to wait since we had 3 bags of apples to carry! We do have plans to come back to the farm later this month... we want more apples and want to go explore there Cartoon corn maze!

Completely off subject:
We ate lunch at Winston's today and I must show you the burgers and fries we ordered:
 This burger is HUGH! We both had to remove one patty just to eat it!
Very delicious AND I have leftovers for tomorrow!


  1. Glad you had fun apple pickin'! We did, too. Thanks for letting us know. You lunch looked wonderful! Holy moly the size of it! Love you. Mom

  2. Such fun! Can hardly wait to go back and pick pumpkins!
    The burger was HUGE! I ate one of the meat patties for lunch the following day. :)