Friday, September 23, 2011

Candy Corn Wreath (Being Ate By A Spider)

I made this!
Last year on the cover of Woman's Day Magazine was an image of a candy corn wreath.

I knew instantly that I wanted one for my house. Candy corn and pumpkins are what I associate Halloween with.
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We took foam wreaths from the Dollar Tree and completely covered them with black electrical tape.
To hang the wreath we tied wire around it.
We then glued on candy corn candies onto the wreaths in the same direction one row at a time. Make sure you go through your candy first and either eat or discard the pieces that aren't perfect or close to perfect.
Spayed the wreaths with a clear sealer so they wouldn't attract bugs.

The magazine ended with this product.
I didn't feel it was complete. Took me almost up to Halloween to finally find the perfect item for my wreath - a black spider!
He is perfect with his orange stripes. Last year I glued him onto the wreath but during the move he fell off. I have now re-glued him and it looks great!

Just need some black ribbon now!

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