Sunday, September 18, 2011

Goodwill Goodies!

Have I ever mentioned how much I love Goodwill?
At least the ones in Tennessee.
The one in Kentucky where I live are dirty and overpriced so I don't even bother going there anymore. (I have been to several on a few different occasions So yes, I have gave them a fair shot.)

Between last night and today I went to 3 Goodwill stores and came home with the best stuff ever!
Mostly holiday decorations as you can see.
I do need to go through all my decorations soon and get rid of some of it...

Here's the best find of the day!
 I already have 3 strands of this candy garland from my mom and now I have another one. The ones I have are glittered (or at least were once upon a time ago) and these ones are plain - not a big deal at all.
I would like one more to fully decorate my tree. Hint, hint, hint! When I was growing up I always loved these on our family tree. My mom's mom bought them for her tree - my mom is guessing in 1978.
Boy was I excited to find this for $0.99!

At another Goodwill I found popcorn garland; 2 strands for $2.99!
 If you look at the end pieces on both strands you can see the hooks are the same which I assume means they are the same brand. I need more popcorn garland now for my other tree.
One of the Lifesaver candies is marked with 'Hong Kong' - I am guessing this is where they were made. I'll have to check my other strands. 
If you ever run across these at yard sale or Goodwill or anywhere, buy them for me.

After about a year of looking I finally finally found a cheesecloth (multiple ones actually) - one for me and one for my mom which is not pictured.
 Ever since I bought my Cricuit I have wanted a glass box to decorate. 
Got this one which included lights! Just have to remove the ugly bow.

Matt and I ate at the Pancake Pantry since we had seen it on Man VS. Food.
We weren't very impressed. To be fair, I don't think we are really breakfast people.
We wont be eating here again. Wasn't bad, just wasn't the restaurant for us.

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  1. i just bought the same Christmas garland at a thrift shop yesterday. I thought they were 70's. Thanks for the confirmation.