Tuesday, September 6, 2011


I decided to sit down and finally post since my fan base (probably about 4 people) keep bugging me that I haven't wrote in over a week.
Oh the horrors!!!
I don't see them writing either!
Boo ya!

However, all I can think about is the Target commercial with the music teacher singing the school list.
(After a quick Google search, maybe I can get it stuck in your head as well)

Graphic Tees
Leggings and
Well Denim
Hair Gel
Converse One Star Shoes
Shaun White Hoodies and

You know the one I am talking about?
Such an addicting song!
Once I hear the word 'denim' it is all I can think about!

I also like the one with the teacher especially when she says 'Clark' - the hamster's name since he is being noisy and he stops moving around in his cage. And when she says 'Glitter, so much glitter'. LOL!
And the other one with the coach who with his back to school list says 'the students will need a jump drive - not sure what that is but they will be jumping.'
Ha ha ha!

Whoever thought of those commercials did good!
Normally Target commercials aren't funny at all.

Check them out HERE.
I'll probably end up remembering these FOREVER like the -BobHadABabyItsABoy commercial.
Remember it!?!?!?
If you don't you can probably find it on YouTube.

So now that I have wrote a bunch about commercials I guess I have officially blogged and will wrap this up now.
I tell ya, I do not lead an interesting life.
Want a weekend recap? It's all I have to offer at the moment. Maybe I'll finish spray painting and then I can post some pictures of that.

Friday I drove to TN and my dog puked in the car!
Thankfully I always have a blanket in his car seat so the mess was mostly on it and what didn't end up on the blanket I cleaned up with the blanket. Matt took me to Chick-Fil-A at my request. YUM!
I think that is all I did. Was such a long time ago I already forgot!
Saturday we shopped and ate. I think that was all. I have such a bad memory!
Sunday we hung out at Matt's house and smoked some salmon, ribs, and 3 whole chickens - one of which his mom packed up for me to take home so I'll be eating chicken salads for dinner over the next few nights. (My mom gave me lettuce and tomatoes so I am god to go.)
Yesterday I bought a new piece of furniture which Matt and I picked up. It's currently in my mom's garage until they come to my house and bring it in the truck.
Again - no hurry! :)
It is a sofa table but I am going to use it for a TV unit. You'll see. I can't describe it good enough. It is perfect for my house! I am hoping I can sell my current TV 'holder' to help offset some of the cost from this new one. I plan on listing it on Craigslist maybe today.
I came home yesterday afternoon.
It was a wonderful drive since the rain brought in the most perfect temperatures. Didn't need air or heat on - just a little outside air ran through my vents the whole way. Wyatt threw up again. AND ate it! Yuck! I tried to stop him but I was driving! Wasn't much I could do. I kept trying to roll his blanket down so he couldn't see it - didn’t work though since he still got to it.
Is he testing me for parenthood??? Hmmmm....
Once home I opened the windows in my house. I LOVE airing out the house! I LOVE not paying to run my air conditioner even more!
I did end up weed eating my entire yard! Yep, front and back yard! I even did around parts of my fence! Then swept!
Such a feeling of accomplishment!
Of course now I feel like I need to mow.... but I just did that a few days ago and refuse to do it so soon.


  1. That "denim" song is addicting! Thanks for sharing. I love you.

  2. Ha ha ha! It is! Makes me smile very time I hear it though.