Friday, September 9, 2011


First of all I would like to point out that this is the second day in a row that I am blogging.
"That's Blog-o-lishes Baby!"
You should be channeling Austin Powers when you read that previous line.
Ha ha ha!

Tuesday evening I decided to tackle my craft area - I was just too lazy to blog about it sooner then today. Maybe one day I'll learn to blog on the same day I do something.... maybe not....

Remember I bought 2 inexpensive bookshelves from Target a few weeks ago?
Well 2 weeks ago Matt assembled and placed them in my guest room. I figured the guest room was the best place for all my stuff since no one will hardly be in that room and I'll probably end up bringing my stuff out into the living room anyways when I am working on projects that way I can plop myself in front of the TV. Not to mention I already promised Matt he can use the third bedroom as a Man TV room (at least until that room is needed for something/someone else).

After about an hour and a half of sorting and getting rid of a few items, I am currently here with my bookshelves:
They are still a work in process, but I feel good that now everything is out in the open for me to grab.
I should be able to be more creative now since I know where everything is and they are no longer stored in a box.

I might paint the purple and pink buckets either blue or brown to match everything else on the shelves since I am wanting everything to look very matchy.
I do think I need want two more brown baskets to go on the large bookshelf to help them look more as one unit then two. Or maybe that will make my bookshelves looks to crowded...
We will see.
The only items on the bookshelves I bought were the 2 brown baskets which I got half off at Hobby Lobby last weekend for $6 each. Not bad!

Did you notice the silver items on my shelf?
If you are curious as to what are some of the items I have in some of my buckets/boxes continue reading.

In one I am storing all my yarn... now I just need to start crocheting some dish towels.
 Here's all my thread, fabric string and rubber 'string'.
 Miscellaneous supplies such as my glue gun are in one of the brown baskets.
 All my candles - I heart candles!
 My Wii is stored on my bottom shelf for now. Hopefully I'll be using it soon which will free up some space.
Not counting everything I already had, this cost me about $50!
Let's hope I get crafty in time for the holidays!
I already have some ideas rolling around in my head!
He he he!

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