Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Kentucky Derby Museum

I hope you took advantage of Museum day on Saturday.
We did.
We should have gone to 2 museums, but we stayed home watching movies instead. (Worth renting: Something Borrowed and Limitless; The Setup was alright - might be your kind of movie, but wasn't ours.)
We went to the Kentucky Derby Museum which I had wanted to go to ever since I had gone to Churchill Downs last year. I am glad we got to go while it was free since the only thing we really liked was taking the tour of the outside. I think this would have been a lot more exciting for me if I was into the Derby. Not really my thing. I can see why people get excited about it though.
I did take a few pictures for you to see:
Doesn't this look like something the evil Queen would have worn in Snow White???
What with being pointy at the top and all...

This is the path the jockeys take with the horses along with the owners.
Our tour guide said the owners never miss this even if they have to walk in there fancy clothes/shoes through rain and mud!

And now for some randon ones...
Did you know the Derby has never missed a season?
Crazy considering it has taken place during 2 World Wars!!!

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Liking Walgreens Today

Walgreens has some GREAT deals this week!

I haven't shopped at Walgreens since before I moved so probably back in May or June - long time for me.
1. I didn't really need anything since I was pretty stocked
2. Walgreens hasn't had any spectacular deals

This week everything has changed. I haven't been buying newspapers since they have gone up to $2 each and the Dollar Tree no longer sells them, but thanks to printing coupons online, getting 1 coupon insert in the mail each week and getting one of my co-worker's coupon insert from the mail each week I had all the right coupons.
Matt and I went to 3 Walgreens and did (I think 10) transactions total.
One transaction was newspapers and another was Nicoret gum for Matt so those 2 didn't really count even though we did use Register Rewards for both of those.

Here's what I got as far as RR's are concerned:

Men Razor $8.99
- $5 printable coupon (no longer available) (had 2)
= $3.99 plus tax
Get $5 RR

Women's raoz or 4-pack refill $8.99
- $5 printable coupon (no longer available) (had 2)
- $4 off coupon from newspaper (had 2)
= $3.99 plus tax
=$4.99 plus tax
Get $5 RR

Walgreens pads $2
Get $2 RR

Optic White Toothpaste $7.99 when you buy 2
- $1.50 off coupon from newspaper (had 2)
- $1 off coupon from newspaper (had 2)
= $5.49 plus tax
Get $6 RR

There are many other FREE items, but these are the only ones I wanted/needed. Check out there ad to see if anything is good for you!

P.S. Keep scrolling down - I posted 2 posts this evening!

To Me, From Me

Look what I got:
Whoo hoo!
I cannot wait to start using this bad boy!
We saw it on sale for a good price at Meijer Saturday night - the one about 35 miles from my house - and I decided not to buy it even though I had been wanting one for about 2 years.

Once we got home I kept thinking about it and figured I might as well do some research on it because we could always go back tomorrow and get it. Well, while doing research I found a $30 mail in rebate for that particular model.
The catch - purchase had to be made between July 17 and September 24! Saturday was September 24!
Wholly Molly!
Was it fate that brought me to my very own Kitchen aid mixer???

So after much debate with myself Matt and I left the house at 10:30  (with Wyatt) to check out the Meijer by my house. Of course they didn't have it in stock. Go figure! I decided since this store didn't have the Kitchen aid mixer it wasn't meant to be. Matt talked me into driving to the further store telling me I should buy it now while it was on sale instead of waiting until later when it would be back to its original price of $299.
Plus, I had just sold the washer and dryer that had came with this house for a little less then the cost of the mixer.

We ended up checking out a little after 11:30 PM
I got my mixer - now all I need is a recipe!

Friday, September 23, 2011

Candy Corn Wreath (Being Ate By A Spider)

I made this!
Last year on the cover of Woman's Day Magazine was an image of a candy corn wreath.

I knew instantly that I wanted one for my house. Candy corn and pumpkins are what I associate Halloween with.
You can see my original posts

We took foam wreaths from the Dollar Tree and completely covered them with black electrical tape.
To hang the wreath we tied wire around it.
We then glued on candy corn candies onto the wreaths in the same direction one row at a time. Make sure you go through your candy first and either eat or discard the pieces that aren't perfect or close to perfect.
Spayed the wreaths with a clear sealer so they wouldn't attract bugs.

The magazine ended with this product.
I didn't feel it was complete. Took me almost up to Halloween to finally find the perfect item for my wreath - a black spider!
He is perfect with his orange stripes. Last year I glued him onto the wreath but during the move he fell off. I have now re-glued him and it looks great!

Just need some black ribbon now!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Too Crowded?

While living in my old apartment I had made SEVERAL wreaths... I LOVE WREATHS!
(And I displayed them all over my second bedroom!)

Well, they have been laying on one of my bedroom floors waiting for me to repair and hang them up ever since I moved into my house back in July. For whatever reason I have been avoiding doing the job each and every since day.

Yesterday I finally did it!

Here they are:

Do they look too crowded?
I kinda think they do, but I have to contain them to one room (and really one and a half walls) so my choices are limited. I will display them in my living room or kitchen whenever the holiday deems one of my wreaths.
I plan on making a fall one for my door one of these days. :)

Already have the wreath and the fall decorations - just need some fall leaves or flowers now.


I should have taken a before picture, but I didn't.
Sounds like me.
I'm always in a rush to get it done and/or too lazy to get my camera out.

There are 3 air vents that are on my wood floors. One was white and the other 2 were tan.
I planned on buying wood ones to match my floors but did not see my color at Lowe's. I figured I would try painting them brown - the same brown I painted my chocolate bunny - before I bought the wood ones and stained them.

If they looked good - I saved money.
If they looked bad - I was already planning on spending the money.

Well guess what?
They look great!

No, they are not a perfect match, but for me they look as good as anything I could have bought.
Before I spray painted them I cleaned them. They were SO dirty! Yuck! I cannot believe I was breathing that in! Of course, I might be exaggerating about how dirty they were. My rag wasn't completely black. (Thank goodness!)
I sprayed about 5 or 6 coats to make sure the new color was the only color you could see.
I painted the bottom of the air vents first which I recommend so you do not mess up the paint on your good side.
I did do as I am recommending and good thing since all 3 vents stuck to my cardboard when I turned them over to paint the other side.

I painted other stuff too:

Oh - I do have a picture of my before air vent - the ones in my bedrooms:

Are you watching or did you watch 'Parks and Recreation' and 'The Office'?
I am!
Right. This. Very. Second. - Actually, I have been writing this during the commercials. :)

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Made By Me Apple Foods

Remember how Matt and I went apple picking last weekend?
If you don't, read a few posts below because we did go and we had fun!

Thursday night I decided to make applesauce and a pie.
They were both very good!

For both recipes this was my first ever attempt.
I did okay....
I'll do even better on my second attempt.

Here is my applesauce which I followed the recipe from Joy of Cooking found on my favorites toolbar.

My pie I found a recipe on Allrecipies. It wasn't the prettiest thing, but it was yummy!
Next time I will make the pie in a cake pan since it is higher and I think the pie would be ever better with more filling. This was supposed to hold 6 cups of apples. YA RIGHT! I am lucky if it held three cups! Maybe they have bigger pie pans then me....
It's a mystery...

Goodwill Goodies!

Have I ever mentioned how much I love Goodwill?
At least the ones in Tennessee.
The one in Kentucky where I live are dirty and overpriced so I don't even bother going there anymore. (I have been to several on a few different occasions So yes, I have gave them a fair shot.)

Between last night and today I went to 3 Goodwill stores and came home with the best stuff ever!
Mostly holiday decorations as you can see.
I do need to go through all my decorations soon and get rid of some of it...

Here's the best find of the day!
 I already have 3 strands of this candy garland from my mom and now I have another one. The ones I have are glittered (or at least were once upon a time ago) and these ones are plain - not a big deal at all.
I would like one more to fully decorate my tree. Hint, hint, hint! When I was growing up I always loved these on our family tree. My mom's mom bought them for her tree - my mom is guessing in 1978.
Boy was I excited to find this for $0.99!

At another Goodwill I found popcorn garland; 2 strands for $2.99!
 If you look at the end pieces on both strands you can see the hooks are the same which I assume means they are the same brand. I need more popcorn garland now for my other tree.
One of the Lifesaver candies is marked with 'Hong Kong' - I am guessing this is where they were made. I'll have to check my other strands. 
If you ever run across these at yard sale or Goodwill or anywhere, buy them for me.

After about a year of looking I finally finally found a cheesecloth (multiple ones actually) - one for me and one for my mom which is not pictured.
 Ever since I bought my Cricuit I have wanted a glass box to decorate. 
Got this one which included lights! Just have to remove the ugly bow.

Matt and I ate at the Pancake Pantry since we had seen it on Man VS. Food.
We weren't very impressed. To be fair, I don't think we are really breakfast people.
We wont be eating here again. Wasn't bad, just wasn't the restaurant for us.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Only Half Ugly Now

I had an ugly lamp...

Who doesn't?
Gold and maroon - screamed 1980's.
Not the look I was going for in my bedroom. Even though I have lived with the ugly thing for a few years.. Not sure why, I have no excuse.

Actually I do have a few excuses...
I'm cheap.
It was free.
I didn't care.
It wasn't hurting anyone.
I was living in an apartment.
I finally decided to correct the lamp issue. The evening I decided to do something about the lamp it was misting outside and the temperature was just right for me to be in the garage - with the door open for ventilation.
got adventurous and wandered the whole yard while I worked! I think he
is loving his own yard and I'm loving the fenced in area!
Back to the lamp - I primed it using the same spray paint I used on my other items and allowed it to dry.
Then, using a $1 can of black spray paint I painted on 2 coats. I did this so I would use less of my more expensive color. My mom saw this wonderful nibble of advice a long time ago out there in Blogland; who knows where.
It worked like a charm!
I love that you can do this with a solid color when it closely matches your final color. You should do this whenever you are painting. You can't tell a difference!
I only needed one coat of paint of the final color.

Base looks good now!

I even went as far as resurfacing the bottom with new felt. (The old felt was no longer sticking as good as it once did.

My lamp shade is yellowish and does nothing for my beautiful lamp base which means something needed to be done.
I wanted to buy a new lamp shade or disguise the current one, but I haven't found a cheap one I decided to use ribbon to make this one decent at least until I find something better.
However, none of my ribbon looked good on it.
Maybe ribbon is not the way to go...

I just need to find a new lamp shade!
Here's my pretty base with its ugly lamp shade.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

It's Apple Picking Time!


Second, a big shout out to G - HAPPY 55th BIRTHDAY yesterday!!!

This weekend was great! I got to spend time with my parents and my Matt!
Friday my parents were here and we just went to dinner and relaxed.
Saturday everyone was here. My mom and I worked on my plants outside the hosue while Matt and G worked on finishing more work in the house (seems to never end). Since this was G's birthday we had ice cream cake and went out to dinner. YUMMY!

Today Matt and I did more work on the house and apple picked.

We went to Joe Huber's Farm which is where we picked strawberries a few months ago.
Had a fun just like last time. Lots of people here today!
(This is the exact tractor we rode to the apple trees and back.)
When we got there we took the tractor 'ride' to the area where you can pick apples. So many apple trees!
If you go, walk as far away from the drop off zone as you can. This, we decided, is where all the plentiful trees are located.
This was mine and Matt's first time picking apples. Every time I picked an apple it seemed like two would fall off from somewhere else on the tree even though I was trying to be careful. Guess I wasn't as careful as I thought I was. Oops! Before that I was getting on to Matt for dropping so many apples. :)
We tried an apple while picking. Not sure if you were allowed to - we made up for this by buying 30 pounds of apples.
We bought enough for me, his mom and his boss. I am going to try a few different recipes this week. I'll be sure to blog about them.
Fun times!
I almost forgot to mention... Matt spotted a bird's nest in one of the apple trees.
The mama bird should convert her babies to apples due to the mass quantity! LOL!

We drove by pumpkins! We could have picked some today but we decided to wait since we had 3 bags of apples to carry! We do have plans to come back to the farm later this month... we want more apples and want to go explore there Cartoon corn maze!

Completely off subject:
We ate lunch at Winston's today and I must show you the burgers and fries we ordered:
 This burger is HUGH! We both had to remove one patty just to eat it!
Very delicious AND I have leftovers for tomorrow!