Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Switching Rooms

Two nights ago I finally switched bedrooms.... I was sleeping in my middle bedroom (which I have designated as my guestroom) since I wasn't going to place a bed in my master bedroom until I bought a new king bed.
Well my mom decided we were going to place the bed I am giving to her into the master bedroom until I actually do buy the new bed. (Not sure why I let her do it - it worked out though.)
Right now it is just on the floor with no frame which is great for Wyatt to jump on it. He isn't very good at jumping onto anything else.

So when I got home from work I placed new sheets on both beds and switched the comforters and pillows.
What a difference! Now all I need to do is buy a king bed and a new comforter to match my new bedroom. :)

Here's some pictures of both rooms from all angels. Remember, I haven't done any decorating and I still need to buy new curtains amongst many other items.

Guest bedroom:

Master bedroom:
(You can see where the pipe leaked.)

It is so nice sleeping in the master bedroom with its ceiling fan and bigger space. I think even Wyatt sleeps better!
Hopefully now 'llI have more peaceful rest!
Can hardly wait until I have stuff on the walls - will seem more homey!

In other news, I finally made a doctor appointment for the swelling in my left foot/ankle.
I am not sure why it is so swollen, but it appears I am retaining water. I am sure my weight has something to do with this. I need to stop being so lazy and just start exercising and eating better. I went to the grocery store and bought myself some healthy fruits and vegetables for snacks. I am going to try and cut out as much salt as I can. I know I will not be able to stop eating it completely, but I figure if I can cut it at least in half I am better off then I was.
When I go to the doctor I am going to request blood work done.

Wyatt and I did walk around the loop around my street twice this evening.
He is laying next to me pooped!
Fingers crossed this cooler weather (mid 80s) is here to stay so I can walk every evening. No more excuses! I'll never change me weight if I don't do something about it. I am going to promise myself a vacation if I do it!
I'll start off with a small goal of 20 pounds... and then maybe I'll give myself a weekend vacation.... 

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