Monday, August 29, 2011

Sharks & IKEA

I hate how quickly the weekends seem to fly by. This past weekend was no different.
Friday after work I did some shopping for about 4 hours!

Long time!
I was looking for some new work shirts which is no easy task since I am so LARGE! I have got to lose weight! Got to! No way around it!
But of course it doesn't help to complain if I don't do anything about it.
I have certain reasons a to why I want to lose weight which I won't get into on here and yet that still doesn't seem to be enough motivation for me to actually step away from the fridge and put down the bowl of ice cream!

On a happier note -
Saturday Matt and I went to Cincinnati to go to the Newport aquarium (technically in KY) and to IKEA.
I was very excited for our adventure. I am very fortunate to only be about 2 hours away which makes this trip into a nice one day experience.

On our way there we stopped in Florence, KY for lunch since my stupid Garmin took us off the interstate just to drive for a while before getting back onto the same interstate. (I had changed my Garmin to be set to pick shortest distances. It is now back to fastest route.)
We ended up at some outdoor mall where we went into Border's where everything is currently 50% to 70% off - still no good deals though - and to a few other  stores. Didn't buy anything! Amazing!
We decided to eat at a place called Hoogy's. Ever hear of it? We thought it would be a sandwich restaurant but it ended up being a bar-b-cue restaurant similar to Famous Dave's but not as good.

We order a meal for 2 and it allowed us to order 3 meats and 3 sides from a small list.
Here it is minus one onion ring Matt was eating (and you can see the one I had started to eat.)

Wasn't as much food as we thought it would be since we were able to eat it all and neither one of us were stuffed.
Food was decent.
Won't eat there again. Not worth the money we spent. We were both wishing we had ate someone else. The only saving grace this restaurant had was how yummy the onion rings tasted! These were probably the best I ever had!
We also had a good waitress.

This is a mural on the wall. They had horses painted on the wall to make it look like they were in a barnyard. They had real tails though. Very neat looking.
After eating we headed to the aquarium.
I didn't take a ton of pictures, but here are the ones I did take:

We got to 'pet' a sting ray, a couple different sharks, and a star fish which was cool:
I liked watching the penguins get fed. We sat watching them for a while.
They paint - or at least walk on paper. Very expensive though.
 (click the picture to enlarge it)

Overall we both liked this aquarium but thought the Chattanooga aquarium was WAY better. This one seemed small since we finished in less than 2 hours. Tickets were $22 a person! Luckily we got a discount that made them $19 a person. Paid $4 to park.
Walking around the aquarium we did get to see this beautiful view of downtown:
I got a Carmel apple and Matt had a snow cone for a special treat from the little shops right there. Very cute area - had a guy on stilts making balloon animals, a guy doing magic tricks, and 3 people playing all sorts of instruments for tips. We both thought this reminded us of the beach.

Next stop was to IKEA. We went here last year and had an enjoyable experience and this weekend was no different. We shopped and found some good deals:
Glass bowl $2.99
2 small flower pots on clearance $0.99 each
2 smaller flower pots on clearance $0.49 each
Plant water bucket $0.99
2 Plants $1.99 each
Scrub brush $5.99
3 packs of 4 picture 'frames' $0.99 each

4 packs of candles on clearance $0.69 each
After shopping we ate at their restaurant where Matt and I both got the meatball meal with side salads. (They are known for their Swedish meatballs and mashed potatoes.) I meant to take a picture but I forgot. If you look at my last year's post you can see what it looks like.

Sunday we went to a flea market nearby my house.
I got 2 aloe plants for $1 each and some cucumbers and banana peppers from a local farmer there.
Matt even found himself a few items to purchase.
We had fun walking around and looking at everything. Seemed to be one giant garage sale. We plan on going there again.

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