Monday, August 8, 2011

Seeing Copper Means Water Leak

What a weekend I had!
(Sorry these postings are so out of order. I am now wishing I had been posting this whole time, but since I have not, I cannot stress over it. I have been too busy and then too tired to deal with posting.)
I do have to write about this past weekend now while the details are all still fresh in my head. See the blog posting below this one though since I wrote about my first week in the new house before I typed this one up. Of course now I'll have to fill in all the gaps later.

Friday night my parents got here and then Matt arrived Saturday morning.
Saturday started off our weekend of work and multiple trips to Lowe's. A typical weekend for me these days. LOL!
That morning my mom and I went to Lowe's to buy baseboards and quarter inch moldings along with a few other things while Matt and G finished the flooring in the hallway. Mom and I then painted all the new and old floor boards. Before we could paint the existing baseboards we had to remove all the nails, remove the caulk, fill in the holes where the nails had been, sand, and then wipe clean.

What a job! Do it yourselfers never tell you these things! They always make it seem easy!
Now that it is over with I am very glad we used the existing baseboards that were still good.
I had bought 3- 12 inch baseboard and 9- 12 inch quarter inch molding and they equaled to over $100. I would hate to of had to spend even more money replacing them all. Of course it would have saved some time. It is a trade off I suppose.

Saturday went well. It was a long day, but it went smoothly.
Sunday was a whole other day.
Matt and G were cutting and installing the baseboards while my mom and I pulled weeds from my flower beds. I then mowed the entire yard with some help from my mom. Not such an easy task to do in the middle of the day with over 90 degrees with a push mower. Matt and I bought an electric weed eater on one of our many trips to Lowe's so my mom taught me how to use it and we got the front and side yard looking good! Even edged the driveway!

At one point I was in the house and heard a sound. I thought it was running water. I asked Matt if any water was running. He said no. So I thought maybe it was the shop-vac making weird noises so I unplugged it. Could still hear the sound. Next thing I know I am on my hands and knees in the hallway yelling to Matt to turn off the main water. Water was leaking onto my carpet. Of all the spots G could nail a hole into the wall he hit the one pipe we would be anywhere near! Stupid stud finder - evidently finds wood and metal.
G cut a hole into the drywall and we could see what happened. The nail was driven all the way through a half inch copper pipe!
I stayed very calm.
It was an accident.
I was a bit nervous inside.... felt like I should cry, but didn't knowing I didn't need to.... somehow knew it would be okay.
I can even laugh about it now.
Thankfully Matt does heating and air and know how to torch 2 pieces of metal together. This is what he thought he would do prior to us going to Lowe's. We loaded up the cart with a $50 torch thingy and another thingy for $30 and then went to look at some other thingys. Some guy started looking where Matt was looking and must have looked into our cart. He started talking to Matt. Turns out he is a plumber. Gave Matt wonderful advice on how to repair our accident. What would have cost us close to $100 ended up costing about $10.
GOD was looking out for us!
AND it worked!
G even said he would kiss the guy if we saw him again. :)
I do keep checking on it every so often. It will be another 2 weeks before drywall goes back over it so I am sure if it is good over the 2 weeks it will be fine forever.
All baseboards are installed now. Quarter inch molding will have to wait until next time.
Matt was able to connect my dryer vent properly outside. When we went into the house to switch out the old home owner's washer and dryer with mine I accidentally broke the dryer hose.
Matt said it would be okay if I could pull some from underneath the house up into the house. I told him there was lint in it and it felt moist. He got to it and started removing lint and removing more and more. I grabbed the shop-vac and he had the hose all the way in there and it was still sucking up more lint. Matt said he thinks lint must be all the way through the hose and he didn’t feel it was safe to dry clothes until he replaced the hose.
No laundry washing for me.

I do have a new digital thermometer on my house - it is temporarily though. Matt wants to install an even better one.
What a weekend, right?

We did all go out to eat at Mike Linning's here in Louisville.
Whether you live here or you come and visit, you should eat at this restaurant. It is SOOOO good! Make sure you order a plate of onion rings!

Today I finished weed eating the back of my house and cleaned up some of the branches out of my yard. Talked to 2 of my neighbors as well. Had a good day. :)

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