Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Out With The Old

IMPORTANT MESSAGE: This is a very boring/random/informative/etc post.
Proceed with caution.
You have been warned.

Removing carpet and carpet padding was not horrible.
The lady who lived in my house before me was not dirty so the carpet didn't throw around a bunch of dust or hair or anything.
I pulled the carpet where the air vent was to pull it up so my brother could start cutting it into long strips. Once cut we rolled them and placed them in the back of the truck to be disposed. The padding we placed into large black garbage bags - not strong enough to roll.
We removed carpet from 3 bedrooms and the living room. We were able to do all of this in one day.

Removing linoleum from the kitchen was a little harder.
Start with one piece and pull. Some areas came off in big chunks while other pieces came off in small chunks. You could tell where the glue had been since those areas were much harder to remove the linoleum. One area seemed like someone had knocked over the glue bottled so we had to scrap with a scrapper and we had to use our nails to pull up little pieces from that particular area. This took a few hours total time to complete which we did over two days.

Removing hard wood floors was awful - at least in my house.
Whoever installed them not only locked them into place, they also nailed and glued them down. At first my mom and my brother could not get any of it up. I was pissed off enough with the wood so I took a crowbar and was able to pry one piece up. (They gave me the nickname of 'Hercules' - think of the Klumps from the Nutty Professor. You saying Hercules, Hercules, Hercules... while clapping?) My brother was then able to remove some of the wood. Around the doors was another story. Seemed impossible. We bought a hand saw and still didn't have any luck. A few days later while my brother was there alone he was able to saw all the wood away. Amazing!
Again, he said this was HARD to do! I am thankful he did it and not me though.

Removing wallpaper borders was a pain in the you know what!
After using 3 different solutions I now know water and fabric softer works the best on removing wallpaper along with something to score the wallpaper. It took me 4 days which consisted of HOURS to remove it from three bedrooms! Whoever installed the wallpaper border must have used so much glue or something (must have been the same person who installed the wood floors). It was awful!

Baseboards were removed from the kitchen, living room and hall - all done by my brother and G. Looked easy enough. They both used a razor blade to cut the baseboards from the wall before using a crowbar to remove them from the wall.

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