Sunday, August 21, 2011

The One With All The Pictures

I finally got off my lazy butt and got a few things done that I had been putting off for a couple of weeks.
It's about time, right?
(Too bad I was too lazy to actually blog about it.)
I figured I might as well get some things checked off my 'to do' before Matt got here since we had more things to do this weekend while he was here. Plus, I wanted to make sure we were able to spend some good quality time together being as this was our first weekend alone together in my house. Really it was our first weekend alone period.
And just so you know, we did have a nice time.

Ohhhh.... do you remember this movie?
Both Matt and I LOVED Harry and the Hendersons!
A few months ago we watched it on Netflix and it was just as good as we remembered!
While at Target we spotted it - I even got in the way of a father and son looking at the movies just to holler out 'Harry and the Hendersons!'
Needless to say we bought it.

Wanna know what I/we did the last few days???
Do you?
Do you?

Okay, I'll tell you...
Since you BEGGED!

Wednesday I -
Painted a second coat on my kitchen walls.
Cleaned the kitchen and brought in my kitchen chairs from the garage after adding felt to the bottom of the legs.
Cleaned the wood laminate floors.

Painted the spot that got dented on my bedroom wall.
Even started to weed eat the backyard

Thursday I -
Mowed most of the yard - until I ran out of gas.
Re-arranged my guest bedroom.
Still need to work on the soon to be TV room (third bedroom).
Clutter is currently everywhere!

Friday I -
Mowed the rest of my yard.
Painted my laundry room.
Painted my master bathroom.
Not sure why the wall looks weird... doesn't look like that in person. Either way I still need to paint a second coat which I'.ll probably do tomorrow after work.
While I painted Wyatt 'rested'.
Must be very tiring being him....
This weekend while Matt was here we (and when I say we I mostly mean Matt) -
Removed the laundry dryer vent line under the house.
(This mess was underneath the house and was FILLED with lint! The hard lines are the new lines.)
Re-installed the piece that comes out from under the house -saved me $9 since I was able to return a piece previously purchased!
Installed new dryer vent line under house. My laundry room is located in the middle of the house so Matt had to run about 12 feet of hard line.
Switched out the old washer and dryer with mine. What should have took 20 minutes ended up taking like an hour and a half. :(
We had to make sure we installed it correctly to the parts Matt had installed the day before underneath the house. Then when we went to plug in my plug it had 4 prongs whereas the old dryer had 3 prongs which meant the outlet in the wall only supported 3 prongs!
Matt decided to switch out the 2 plugs but then got confused about something and we had to call G.
Problem solved though!
Matt should have went with his gut!
 As for the washer, we did remember to replace my rubber hoses with metal hoses ($10 each at Lowe's). You should too if you haven't already.
Now my laundry room is a thing of beauty!
At least it is on its way and will be after I do a little decorating.
(Dryer can't go as far back as the washer since the air vent goes down - as shown in above picture. I'll probably pull out the washer to make the appliances look even.)
 I did do some organizing in here which included bringing in my mesh wire rack (used in both my old apartments) to hold all my small laundry items.
(Oops - forgot to put the light switch cover back on!)
Here's what's inside my cabinets - I organized when I first moved in:
Small kitchen appliances.
Extras such as tissues, toilet paper, light bulbs, paper plates and Christmas dishes(???).
Unlikely combo - I know.
Extra laundry detergent, dryer sheets and hand sanitizer (Matt got me a pack of 6 or 7 or 8 of these for Christmas last year or the year before - will probably last me YEARS!)
Assembled my charcoal grill.
Switched out my curtains in the living room with the ones I ordered from JCP last weekend that got here Friday - quick turn around.
Went from this:
 To this:
I think I will need to order the brown valances to complete the look I am after.
What do you think?
Added my new area run to the living room floor.

While we worked you can imagine what What did the whole time...besides sleeping and eating of course...
Yep, he curiously watched us the whole time he wasn't hiding from us! :)

Although we did a lot - not everything got done.
Next weekend we will insall the trim for the base boards and assemble my new bookshelves.
I got BIG plans for these!
Saw a WONDERFUL idea in one of the homess I viewed while searching for a house to buy.


  1. Thanks for the update! I think you do need the valance - I knew those drapes would look good ~ lovely. :)

  2. Bought them over the weekend - I'll post one day this week. :)