Monday, August 8, 2011


I don't even know where to start on talking about my house.
Since I promised to show some pictures I might as well start today.
I finally painted the kitchen.
(Ignore the mess.)
I went from this:

To this:

And finally to this:
I decided to paint it the same color as the living room and hallway since I was not sure when I would be able to change out the green counters I currently have in there. Plus the neutral color should help it sell when I am ready to move to a bigger home in a few years.
Now that it is all painted I can truly tell you I am very glad I went with this color. I think it will look wonderful once decorated! I do have a few areas that need to be touched up though.

As for the actual painting process, let me tell you - What a pain in the you know what!
I started painting with the leftover paint I still had but had to stop and get more paint from Lowe's before I even got the largest wall fully rolled. (Guess I should have known I would need more.)
When I got to the store I had to wait for the guy to finish up with the people he was talking to. When he came to me I told him I wanted a gallon of paint. He said he had to go get the lady who mixes the paint. When he came back from looking for her he said she was with someone and would be over soon to help me. I waited 20 minutes before she finally came to me! The whole time the cashier at the customer service desk kept paging for help in paint. Not because I was asking her to, but probably because I was just standing at the paint counter the whole time.  When I checked out with her she said - "You're finally done!".
I know!
Took forever!
(I don't blame her though... I know how it is to work when the store is short staffed - not fun for the employee who tends to get blamed even though it is not their fault.)

At home I had left the paint roller and tray out and by the time I got back it was beginning to dry out. The roller didn't work as good as it had so I had to move onto the paint brush. Took me forever to finish. The kitchen was hard because there was so much cutting in.
Like I said, I am happy with the finished product.

In other news...
I have already gotten some house warming gifts - haven't even had a party! Wasn't even expecting anything!

Matt got me 4 seasons of 'Everybody Loves Raymond' (only missing 1 now), Season 5 of 'Boy Meets World', and a inside/outside thermometer.
Matt's dad (Matt) got me a $250 gift card to Target.
Mom and G's friends, Tony and Karen got me a $30 gift card to Kirkland's.

My mom and G have paid for many tools to work on the house.
My friend, Linda and her granddaughter got me a popsicle maker.
I am very thankfully for all my gifts.
My friend/co-worker Natalie gave me a pregnancy book for my 'new adventure' as she called it.
I appreciate the gift, but it was a bit odd.
I'm not even married yet...
And Matt doesn't live here yet...
I still have a year or so before I'll even consider becoming pregnant...
I will save it for when I do need it though. She said it was the best book when she was pregnant since it tells you everything you need to know week by week.

Odd though, right?

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