Thursday, August 11, 2011

I'm Gliding

Had my doctor appointment first thing this morning which went well. My doctor and I talked about my feet and my weight and then I gave urine and blood. Maybe next week we will know something about the swelling in my feet. I did learn you should only eat 10 calaries per pound you want to weigh. For example, I wanna weigh 150 pounds so I should only be eating 1500 calories. Hmmmm..... Explains so much doesn't it?

After the doctor I stopped at Kroger where I bought myself a little something.
I saw it when I was checking out... looked it over... walked away... turned around....felt it...looked some more... decided I deserved it... was 50% off.... asked the cashier to hold the cart while I loaded it.... rang up... placed it in my trunk/back seat... drove home... unloaded it into the house....went to work....

After Kroger I dropped off some movies I borrowed from the library and thought while I was there I should change my address on my driver's licence. Cost me $12! And I had to take a new picture which by the way did not turn out so good!
Next stop was to the DMV to change my address followed by voter registration for change of address as well.
Feels good to have this all done. Had I not needed to go to the doctor and then the library I would have continued to put this off.

I then went to work for a little over 3 hours.

When I got home I assembled my little something into a big something.
I paid $60 for a two person gliding rocking chair that looks good on my front porch.
I put it together ALL BY MYSELF thank you very much!

I went from all these parts (should have took a picture of the actual parts).
To this!
Wyatt and I have already enjoyed the glider this evening.
I made sure all the screws were nice and tight with the handy tools that came included with this bad boy.

Big box, huh?
And I fit it into my car by myself as well.
After my assembling we went on a nice walk and now while I am blogging, Wyatt is licking his paws as normal.
What a life he lives!

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