Wednesday, August 3, 2011

House Drama

I had been without internet up until Thursday afternoon and still it keeps going out.
Was not fun and has not been fun.
But then again, up until this past weekend I was very busy so I did not have too much time to notice I didn't have it. I hate I had to pay $25 to have it transferred and the guy was late and didn't know what he was doing. I called the company yesterday and complained about my internet and cable service - my On Demand feature on my cable keeps saying there is an error and certain channels keep going in and out and my computer keeps saying local only when it should be saying local and internet which has been making my internet not work.

When I called I had to maneuver through prompt hell. First I had to talk to the cable side of things. She had me power cycle my cable box - appeared to work and then it stopped working once again. I guess I will have to call again and have them come out to look at it. I refuse to miss work so they will need to do it after I am off.
I was then transferred to the internet side of the house. He said they will monitor my cable modem and I need to call when it happens again. So far my internet has been good.
That was a 20 minute phone call!
20 minutes!
Insight - you need to get your act together!

It has been a long 3 weeks and I still have more to do.
Since I last blogged I have painted all the rooms in my house except the kitchen, helped install most of the wood laminate flooring, had carpet installed, moved out and cleaned my apartment, mowed my yard, and started to unpack.
Lots of work!
Thankfully Matt, my mom, G, and my brother were all here to help me.
We still have to finish the laminate wood floors, add baseboards and quarter round molding over the floors, paint the kitchen, and continue unpacking.

That was exhausting just typing out all I have to do!
And I am sure there is more!

Ryan was already here - my parents arrived Friday evening and Matt got here Saturday morning.
Saturday morning my brother and I went to pick up my moving truck. I was supposed to be there at 9 AM. Too bad the lady working there couldn't be on time. We waited about 20 minutes until we decided to go to Kroger to buy bottled water. (2 other guys were waiting as well.) When we came back she was there but very unprofessional in my opinion. Very scattered. 

Matt, Ryan and I loaded the truck up until my mom took over for the boys to go help G with the flooring.
Both Matt and Ryan worked VERY hard! I have VERY heavy furniture!
Once loaded up we brought the truck to the house (unloaded it the next evening).
It was supposed to cost me $80. I looked at my credit card statement online last night and noticed I was charged $120. I called Penske to see why I was overcharged and found out my local office was closed for vacation. Closed! Lucky for me I got a nice guy named Jimmy on the phone from the call center who told me they were on vacation and they charged me for another day. He said he would credit back the $40. True to his word, he did.

Sunday night when my mom and I started unloading the lighter items I fell off the truck.
Yep - I fell!
Off the moving truck!
The neighbor across the street even came over!
How embarrassing!
It's not funny!
I can see why you think it is, but it wasn't.
Okay, okay, it is funny now.
Not then.
I didn't realize the ramp wasn't all the way lifted up and when I walked onto the ramp from the truck I fell to the right side (out of the truck). Had dresser drawers in my arms and one of them broke. :(
Besides scrapped knees and a scrapped elbow I am fine. I was more embarrassed and scared then anything. I am glad I didn't hit my head. I could have hit it on the truck, cement ground, or bricks around my flower bed.
Could have been a lot worse than it was!!!

Monday when walking up the back porch steps I fell again and scrapped my knees even more.
Not sure why I keep falling!
Guess I am clumsy!

That Monday while my carpet was being installed by Lowe's Matt went to Sears and bought me a lawn mower. I mowed my front and side yard and Mattmowedthebackyard.
Looks good!
Still need a weed eater which Matt said he will buy me later. I am just relieved the grass isn't as high as it was. The guy across the street offered me his lawn mower to use which could have been neighborly or could have been a nice way to tell me to mow my yard. What do you think?

Going back to the carpet.... I had ordered the carpet to be installed on Monday which was the last day Matt was with me. They were suppose to come between 8:30 - 9:30 AM... I got a phone call from Lowe's about 9 AM telling me they can install my carpet on Wednesday instead of today because the carpet has a defect in it. Matt said I had desperation in my voice when I explained I could not wait because I had no one to help me move my furniture. She said she would call me back after talking to her manager. Almost an hour later the lady who I ordered the carpet from at Lowe's calls me to tell me they are getting the carpet from another store and it should be at my house in a hour and a half. The carpet people were on their way with the padding though.
I was very thankful! Kept thanking her! She's a good employee in my opinion - she could have taken all the credit but kept telling me it was a team effort.

So that was all the drama of my first few days at my new house. I spent that week doing a little unpacking - not a bunch though since I felt overwhelmed with everything that still needs to be done.
My parents and Matt are coming again this weekend to hopefully finish the floors so maybe then I will be motivated.

I promise to post pictures soon.

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