Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Good Girl

About a week ago I started noticing a medium sized white dog in my neighborhood - usually hanging out around my neighbor's and my house. (Probably because we gave her attention and feed her.)
One day I went down to pet her and she hunkered down as if she had been beat. Now she hangs out with me and Wyatt every day after work when we are outside. She just lays in the grass near us or she tries to play with Wyatt.
(If you saw my last post you would have spotted her in one of the pictures.)

Last week when I took Wyatt on a walk she followed us. Then the day after that I placed her on a leash since I didn't want her to get hit by a car.
Friday morning when I woke she was laying in front of my backdoor.
Guess she likes us.

I learned yesterday she likes to play fetch with sticks. I was picking up some larger branches to trash them when she got all excited and tried to take them from me. I broke a piece of one off and she fetched it a few times - you could tell she was having a fun time.
She is a very sweet dog.
Very loveable.
She knows how to sit, give paw, give other paw and to give kisses. Smart dog. Obviously she belonged to someone at one point. I hate that someone abandoned her. I don't know why anyone wouldn't want her.

I wanted to take her in, but Matt feels two dogs are enough for us.
I placed an ad on Craigslist last Thursday night for found dog but no one claimed her. Sunday I placed a new ad on Craigslist for free to good home.
I so badly wanted/want her to find a good home.
The first guy who emailed me asked if I would meet him to 'get rid of the dog'. I didn't like the way he worded that so I KNEW I would not be emailing him back. I got three other emails about her. Only one would I have considered actually emailing back to come see her.

Luckily last night when I was outside petting her my elderly neighbor came outside and I started talking to him. I got the best news - Him and his wife decided to take her in! (Best case scenario!) They named her Hope and were planning on giving her a bath today. He even talked about allowing her into the house. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that he does allow her in the house. Normally I see her outside when I let Wyatt out before work but I did not see her this morning. I am assuming he allowed her to sleep in his garage.
I am so happy she found a home. :)

Like I said before - She's a WONDERFUL DOG!