Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Wonderful News

You read that correctly - WONDERFUL!
I got the paperwork back from my appraisal yesterday. (Yes, I was too lazy to get on here and type this out.)
My house appraised for $3000 more then I will be paying for it.
Whoo hoo!
Means I already have equity in my home!
I am feeling good! I feel I can finally get excited about the house! Good thing I got some boxes this weekend from my mom's husband - packed about 5 yesterday. Plan on doing more today. Hence why I did not type up a blog post yesterday.
Do you forgive me now?
You should.
It could be worse - you could be the one packing.
Packing is NOT fun!

Anyways, back to the house...
I can hardly wait! I hope time flies until I close. I am sure it will though since it is already June 6th.
I wanted to close on the 21st, but now I have to do it next Friday since I didn't bother to take into consideration the 30 - 40 days in the original contract I agreed to.

Oh well - Matt and my mom think it is better because then I will have more time to get everything done that needs to be done. I suppose they are right. I just hate the fact I will be paying rent on my apartment and a mortgage at the same time.
Life goes on though and I will get over it. At least now I won't feel as rushed about getting certain things done.

Speaking of getting over things...
I gave my 30 day notice to get out of my lease (turn in keys) on the 25th of July via a letter also asking how much my prorated rent would be for the month of July. The lady who runs the place called and left me a message saying they do not prorate the last month of rent. Okay - so I called again leaving a voicemail message asking how much I will receive back. To make a long story short - my lease does not say anything except you must give a 30 day notice. So I feel I should get a portion of my rent back since I will not be there for the entire month of July.
I called every single day last week and left at least 1 message per day.
Did she call me back?
Of course not!
Finally I got a call on Friday from the lady who works there part-time but she was not able to answer my question. (I did make sure to tell her how the other lady never return my calls.)
I was able to find out there are several owners of the place where I live and I got one of the owner's name and number.
I am not sure if I will call - not sure it is worth my time, but I am glad I have the option.
It is very frustrating to have someone ignoring your calls!
Besides, this just goes to prove what I already know - she is never at the office!

I must eat, watch a little 'Everybody Loves Raymond' and pack so I am going to stop typing. I'll let you know if anything else comes up with the house.

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