Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Travelers Is Cheaper

For years I have had State Farm Insurance.
Years - as in since I have been driving.
Currently they hold my car and renter's insurance and I had planned on adding my homeowners insurance to be with them.
But then they made me mad.
I do not easily forgive. I especially don't forgive companies who I am giving money to.

Let me back track...
A few weeks ago when I sat down with my lender he told me I needed to shop around for homeowners insurance and then once I picked a company they needed to get in touch with him so he could draw up my loan and monthly house payment properly. He was estimating my insurance to be around $48 a month.
Being as I have State Farm Insurance I decided to call them first thinking they would offer me the best rate because I have been a long time customer. When I called she quoted me $30-something a month. I thought 'wow - awesome rate!' On Monday my lender emailed me all the paperwork to look over that we would be discussing and then I would be signing when I make my purchase and it showed my homeowners insurance at $58 a month.

That cannot be right I thought to myself. That was not my quote! I would have shopped around more!
I called State Farm and the lady I got couldn't/wouldn't help me and said I needed to speak to the lady I originally worked with. I left my name and number for her to call me back since she was on a late lunch. Did she call me back? Nope! What is with people not returning my calls?

So yesterday morning I call again and she is with someone. I leave my name and number with the same lady again. Who says 'She didn't call you back?' Ummmm.... no!
This time she calls me back.
Tells me it is $58 a month.
I told her I would be shopping around for insurance and that she quoted me $30-something a month. She didn't apologize or even acknowledge this fact. Had she of said something I might have been more understanding.
About an hour later when my lender called me to go over my paperwork and I asked him about this and luckily he gave me a name and number to a lady who compares rates with over 70 companies. I gave her all my information and she said she would call me much later in the day. She did. But due to the storms yesterday evening I forgot to call her back until it was too late.

So I called this morning.
She can get me car and homeowners insurance through Travelers for a few dollars cheaper. Had State Farm not of upset me I might have kept my service with them, but maybe it is time to move on. Hopefully this is a good decision - I can always change it later. Thanks to my mom I did make sure they were a preferred company with an A-plus rating!

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