Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Time Off

I have been thinking about this all day...
When you buy a house, make sure you have plenty of time available to take off from work. It seems like I have had to miss a lot of work and would have taken off even more if my mom hadn't of been able to take care of a few things for me. No one ever tells you about all the things that need to be done prior to closing, during closing, and after closing.
Thank GOD I work at a job where I am able to accrue and use leave!
And thank GOD for all the people - my mom, my brother, Greg, and Matt who have helped me with everything!
I am also thankful I had a good realtor and lender who helped me along the way and recommended some good people such as my home inspector, insurance lady, and land surveyor.
(If you live near me I can recommend any of these people if you send me an email.)

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