Thursday, July 7, 2011

Money, Money, Money....Monnneeeyy...

You have to sing the title....
Not sure what movie or song that is from. I tried to Google it, but had no luck.
Do you know what I am referring to?
Let me know if you do. It is bugging the crap out of me! I feel like it is on the tip of my tongue!
I feel like this guy right now (and have since I received a certain phone call from a certain someone this afternoon).
The call came right on time - I was having a down in the dumps sort of day if you know what I mean.

Back to my story -
My realtor called with a bit of good news. :)
Let me back up first.

I called him the other day because my lender said we needed it in writing if the mortgage company would be cutting 2 checks from the sale of the house I am buying. (They owe me a credit and I gave them the option of having a cashier's check at closing or to have a check cut from the amount they would be getting.) My realtor said he would call the seller's agent and have them call my lender to verify what they were doing.
Today my realtor called to tell me the seller's will have a cashier's check written in my name at closing.

Whoo hoo!
What a relief!

I knew they had already agreed to it in the contract, but boy am I happy to know for sure they will have it.
Now do you see why I feel like the man in the picture above?
Too bad it will all be spent before I even blink an eye.
Maybe I should take a picture of myself with the money like this fellow did?!?!?
Ha ha ha!
Just joking... I'll end up depositing it directly into my bank account so this won't even be an option for me.
All I will see will be checks and credit/bank card transactions.

8 more days....


  1. Found it for you, thanks to Greg (who gave me a the whole history of who sang it, thankyouverymuch!!!). Ha!

  2. LOL! Thanks!
    I KNEW it was a song! (Or from a movie)