Saturday, June 25, 2011

Whoo Hoo Followed By Boo Hoo

While at work yesterday my realtor called.
He asked me if I was sitting down to which I replied I was. (He had my attention.)
I was hoping for the best, but expecting the worse.
Imagine my surprise when he said:

The seller accepted my offer!!!


Whoo hoo!
Mission accomplished!
The seller's agent said the sellers just wanted to put this behind them. I thought for sure he was going to tell me something bad. I was all nervous for nothing!

I am so very excited!
My lender ordered the appraisal so as long as that goes well I should be in the home stretch. After the appraisal I only need a title search and a survey of land.


I know this whole process will go by so quickly from here. At least I hope it does. Before I know it, I should be in my very first house!

I had all intentions of getting boxes today and starting to pack. I figured since I was home alone for an entire weekend I should get a jump start on getting everything done. Little did I know while cutting all the items to go in the crock pot for my beef stroganoff I would accidentally slice my finger.
Maybe slice isn't the right word.
I cut my finger pretty bad though. (I could show you some pictures I took - I don't want to gross you out.)
Enough to make me go to the emergency room to see if I needed stitches and to get a tetanus shot.
I did not need stitches.
Thank GOD!
I was so scared!
The tetanus shot wasn't as bad as I was expecting it to be.
The nurse was very nice.

When I first got there I was the only one there so I was seen almost immediately. One nurse got my temperature and blood pressure followed by asking me questions. Then I saw the doctor who said I didn't need stitches. Then a different nurse wrapped my finger. A forth nurse gave me my shot.
Even though it was at a hospital, I feel I got wonderful service/attention.

I went home and took a nice long nap.
I have watched a lot of 'Everybody Love Raymond' on DVD and read some.
So much for packing today. I didn't even call anywhere to look for boxes. Tomorrow is a new day!

Check out my beef stroganoff:
(I have already had 2 servings!)

Next time I will add more onions and mushrooms. (Cutting the onion is what did me in.)
I cannot wait to make this for Matt next time he is here. I KNOW he will like it!

I also treated myself to some of the best ice cream:
My parents introduced Matt and I to this and we have never looked back. :)


  1. You are hilarious!! Things are moving your way baby doll. I love you. ~Mom