Thursday, June 16, 2011

Terrorized By A Couch

Since I got my new couch a few days ago I decided to list my old couch for free on Craigslist.

You would think it would be simple enough to get rid of it right?


I had 3 people who emailed me by lunch time yesterday and I told the first person they could have it, but they needed to pick it up by 6 PM. I emailed the other 2 people and told them they could have it if the first person was a no show.
Around 5:30 I brought the couch outside into the breezeway to allow the lady to pick it up. Mostly because I didn't want anyone inside my home. (Stranger = Danger!)
About 6:30 I called her to make sure she knew how to get to my house. She said she did and would be there soon. By 8 PM she still hadn't shown up - so I texted and emailed her to see if she was still coming. No response. At 8:45 I emailed the other 2 people and got no response. At 9 PM I placed the ad back online (I had taken it down).
This morning I looked online to see if I had any emails about it. None. The first lady wrote me 'no' at 10 PM to my question asking if she was coming. I wrote her back - 'Thanks for letting me know in time'.

So frustrating!

I'm giving it for free!


Right now I have someone who is suppose to be on there way to pick it up. I plan on looking outside at 10:15 PM...
If it isn't gone I am dragging it to the dumpster. (Actually I will drag it back into the house - I'll need help bringing it to the dumpster.)
I didn't want it to go into a landfill if someone wanted and needed it, but I am not going to continue to inconvenience myself.

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