Sunday, June 5, 2011

My Offer Is Accepted!

Last night my realtor called and said the the seller's agent called saying the seller would be making a counteroffer because they did not like my closing date. That was all he knew at the time. He said he would call me once he received the actual paperwork so we could proceed form there. I was hoping that was the only item they were disagreeing with.

Found out this morning they counter offered on the date - they wanted 30 to 40 days closing time (not sure why since the house is empty, but this did not bother me - I had asked for July 1).
They only dropped the price $1000.
And also said they would pay up to $3000 closing costs but not to include the pre-paids I was asking.

So I counteroffer there counteroffer with $2000 less then the asking price (I originally asked for $4000 less) and I wanted up to $3000 for closing costs AND pre-paids.
-For the record, I am not sure what the pre-paids include. My realtor did explain it to me, but for the life of me I cannot remember. I feel bad - it must have went in one ear and out the other.-

My realtor sent the contract back to them around 4 PM today.
By 8 PM I had my congratulations from my realtor!
We were in the middle of playing cards - never even played a third hand to break up our Skip-bo tie. We are addicted to this game!

Matt bought me an M&M Blizzard (my Fav!) to celebrate.
-We had already ate a steak dinner.-

How am I feeling right now?
I feel like screaming!
I should be in bed sleeping right now - yet I am wide awake!

Whoo hoo!
I am so very happy!
And excited!
Not nervous at all! - At least not yet!

Tomorrow I will be calling my lender and the inspector to set up times to see them both. I am hoping I can see them both in the same day so I don't have to take too much time off from work. House hunting has taken a lot of my vacation days.
Well, until tomorrow! :)


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