Saturday, June 4, 2011

Made An Offer....

Remember the house I saw earlier in the week that I wrote about?
I said I wanted to make an offer on it....
Matt and I went and saw it this morning - I also made an offer on it.
I offered $4,000 less then the asking price, seller to pay closing costs, and all appliances to be included.

(The MLS listing said seller was willing to pay closing costs with a reasonable offer and all appliances would remain so really only the $4,000 is the item in question.)

That was at 10:30 AM.
It is now almost 3 PM.
We gave the seller's until 10 PM tonight to respond.
I am feeling a bit anxious - we haven't heard anything yet.

My realtor said we will know something tonight.
They will either accept it, decline it, counteroffer it, or will ask for more time.
They only have 4 options.
At least those are the only options I know about.
I am hoping they will accept it.

The house is already empty so hopefully I get my prayers answered.
I did offer them a quick sale - I want to close on July 1 - can't imagine that being an issue for them.

I'm sure I'll blog more tonight when I know more...

I almost forgot to tell you...
The first house I made an offer on I paid for a title search per the lawyers dealing with the short-sale on that house. I thought I would lose that money since I am no longer purchasing the house. I figured I might as well ask though.
Good thing I did!
She wrote me back yesterday saying they will reimburse me my money due to an unresponsive seller!

I was not counting on getting the money back at all!
So now I am only out the $285 house inspection and $50 termite inspection on the first house!
Maybe I see new counter tops in my future.....

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