Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Joe Huber's Family Farm

Last weekend Matt and I went strawberry picking!
It was hot, but so much fun! I will be more than willing to go again in the near future. Or at least next Spring since I think strawberry picking is over for this season.

We drove about 35 minutes to Starlight, Indiana to go to Joe Huber's Family Farm. It is such a well kept farm and evidently even has a winery down the road.

Since Matt and I go to church on Saturday evenings we decided to go to the farm Sunday morning. The farm opens at 8AM, but that is when we decided to wake. We got to the farm a little after 9AM and boy am I glad - it got hot!
If you have children, you should take them there. They had so many different things for them to do.

Our sole purpose of coming to the farm was to pick lots of strawberries.
When you first get there you wait outside for the tractor to take you to the strawberry fields. Me being me I didn't listen to the instructions as to where it would meet us outside so Matt had to go back into the store and ask the lady. You literally just wait outside by the main building.

Here it is:

The ride added to the whole experience for me. I know I have picked strawberries as a child, but it has been YEARS. I was a bit fascinated with the ride until my black pants started to get coated in dust. It was neat riding past the animals and apple trees on the farm.
I would have preferred to not have gotten dirty, but it is all good because it washed out.

(Pssst... apple picking season is in October!)
Once we arrived at the spot where you pick the strawberries the driver told us we could pick from any of the fields we saw.
Immediately Matt and I split up in search for the perfect ones.
Watch as my box filled up:

Matt of course thinks he picked better ones then I did. And maybe he did - I had a bunch of smaller ones and a few big ones whereas his were mostly big. He was also better at picking completely ripe ones whereas I started picking them all once my back and legs started to hurt from bending over and kneeling down. Just goes to show you how out of shape I really am since Matt said his body wasn't bothering him at all. Plus I am also a wimp! With a capital W I M P!
I am a bit pathetic - I won't lie to you.

These were a GREAT price too!
Conclusion - If you live in the area you should check the farm out!

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