Wednesday, June 1, 2011

I Made A Decision

I have done a lot of thinking over the last 24 hours.
Been using my noggin!
I have decided I WILL make an offer on the house I saw yesterday.
I have counted and then I re-counted 90 days from the date of the contract from the first house I wanted to buy and I believe my 90 days will be up on Friday. Which means I would be able to put in an offer on Saturday!
Hopefully no one will make an offer on it prior to that time.

How exciting!

I really think this is the ONE!

The ONE for me!

No other like it!

It is at the right price, in the right location, and with the right amount of work needed! If possible, I would like to close before 4th of July weekend. That would be convenient for me. :)
Means I would only have to use 4 vacation days at first.

My lender returned my call today and told me how much the payment would be and said it is possible to close with less than 30 days!

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