Tuesday, June 21, 2011

I Hate Mold

It appears my house drama is starting to go away - or at least becoming less of a pain in the you know what.
Today is the day I had 2 mold professionals from 2 different companies come out and quote me how much the removal and treatment will cost. My mom was very nice and decided she would be there when both companies came that way I would not have to miss any work or have someone take advantage of me.
Worked out very well for me. Probably helped me stress less today. Since I was at work I didn't have a lot of time to sit and dwell on it. At least not enough time to stress over it to the extent I would have had I been there.

The guy from the first company told her it wasn't as bad as he thought it would be. He said it looks like the mold came from the dryer vent not being properly connected to allow the heat to go outside of the house. Evidently it is currently allowing moisture to build in that one area since it is blocked. (I already knew it was blocked from the house inspection.) He couldn't give us a price today, but I should be getting a price emailed to me tomorrow. My mom got the opinion it wouldn't be very expensive to correct. I wish he could have called it in to someone back at the office and give me a price, but I guess I will just have to wait.
The second company came out later in the day. My mom said he seemed to be 'up selling'. He did say the same thing about it being caused by the dryer vent. Like the first company, I will not get the results until tomorrow morning.

(I wrote all the above yesterday and then decided not to post in until today when I found out how much everything would cost.)

The company that came out in the morning quoted me a price of about $600 to treat and remove the mold.
The company that came out in the afternoon quoted me almost $3000! Are they crazy! As you can guess they are wanting to treat and repair many things to include using EPA certified mold removing wipes on my counters, baseboards, and other hard surfaces. I don't think I need all that. Even if I do, I can probably purchase them online and wipe the surfaces down myself. HELLO! - I AM NOT RICH!

I am suppose to give a response to the sellers today, but my realtor suggested we ask for an extension so I can think this all over. I agreed and we have sent it back to the seller already.
My mom's gut tells her the company who came in the morning and is quoting the lower price is who I should go with out of the two. She said he spent more time under the house then the other company and that he seemed more educated on his job.

Now Matt, my mom, and G think I should get a third opinion....
I will call someone tomorrow.

I do want this house.
I'll sleep on it.

Met with my lender today - all went well! :)


  1. Mold is a four-letter word. Now, FUNGII is much more fun! XOXO Mom

  2. LOL!
    Anythign you say! :)