Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Houses and Couches

The home inspection was yesterday on the second house I have a contract on.
My mom got there on time for me since I was going to be about 40 minutes late because I chose not to leave work early. (I knew he would go over everything at the end - I used the same guy as last time - he is good! If you need a house inspector and live near me I can always email you his information.) 

It went pretty good. My major concern is that there is what appears to be like mold in the crawl space in one area. I talked to my realtor and told him I would like the sellers to repair and treat the mold along with a few other items the inspector wrote down on the inspection. Could mean they might not be willing to repair anything.
I was thinking this could be a deal breaker, but my mom's husband thinks everything that is wrong can be easily repaired or replaced.
Also found out yesterday that this home is an estate sale. This will work the same as a regular sale though. I just thought I would mention it.

In other news...
If you want to think I am the 'nutso' girl of Kentucky- that's okay! :)
But, I am going to tell you about my brand new couch!
Our first piece of furniture bought by Matt and myself. Most of my furniture was given to me by my mother or a family friend. I think all I have bought on my own is a TV unit thing and my bed. Matt bought me a solid wood bookcase when I graduated college as well.
Now Matt and I own something 'big' together.
It's official!
I am very proud of us!
Baby steps are what matter in my opinion.

(Please excuse the poor lighting.)

Matt and I had been eyeballing this 2-piece couch set at Sam's for about two months or maybe longer, but were waiting for me to buy a house before purchasing so it wouldn't be in my stinky second hand smoke apartment.
Well, about 3 weeks ago I saw it was $100 cheaper!
Whoo hoo!
I am all about sales and bargain shopping and this was a SIGN!
AKA it was now on clearance and would sell out quickly.
Due to life events I was not able to buy it until yesterday.
And let me tell you - what an adventure!
I called a few Sam's to make sure it was in stock and my mom drove down with the truck. In hindsight, due to the price of gas and what not, we should have rented a U-Haul. Can't dwell on it though.
We went to get it last night and I could see 2 in stock. Had to find someone to get it down though since it was on the very top rack (third shelf). The guys got it down and brought it to customer service so I could make my purchase. Really neat watching the guy use whatever that machine is called to get it down. I was a bit nervous the couch would fall (it was stading longways) - he did the whole thing perfectly with ease.
We were only able to bring one piece home last night due to the size of it. Had to come back today to get the other piece. I was a bit worried about them not having it even though I had purchased it, but it worked out just fine. Thankfully the same lady was at the customer service desk and remembered me.
Yesterday when we got to my apartment with the couch we had a hard time even getting it out of the bed of the truck. Luckily the guy directly above me so us struggling and asked if we needed help.

Thank goodness! He was a blessing!
He did most of the moving!
It was WAY heavy!
I feel bad for Matt and my mom's husband when I do finally move and they are the ones moving it. It is a lot heavier than it looks! Maybe I should keep that on the down low.
So Shhhhhh.....
Oh never mind, they both read this blog.
I'll just have to look pitiful so they will help me.
Think it will work?

Or maybe I really will hire people to move me this time to give them a break. Actually, I might do that since I need them to be well rested to install floors and make small repairs for me.

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