Friday, June 17, 2011

Bye Couch!

The couch in G O N E!

I thought that thing would NEVER leave me. I was beginning to think I was destined to keep it forever and ever. And it would follow me to my next house and then my next one. To the point where my future child would take it to college and then to their first apartment.
Yes, I am a bit dramatic. Sometimes.

I looked outside around 10 or 10:15 last night and it was still there so I figured I would leave it there until Matt and I got off the phone - I would let Wyatt out one more time and then drag it in. (Something I was not looking forward to doing.)
When Matt and I did get off the phone I got Wyatt on his leash and grabbed the trash and saw it was no longer it front of my door.
I immediately called Matt to let him know.
I took Wyatt out and saw two college age guys loading it into their SUV.
All I could think was 'GOODBYE COUCH'!

Now that I have talked about couches for 3 days I need to move on to new subjects. Only about 5 of you read my blog daily and I know you must be sick and tired of hearing about my couch drama. For those of you who don't tune in daily - go ahead and skip the last blog posting.
Even I'm sick of talking about it!
But that's what you get when you read some one's blog who doesn't do much during the week.
I did watch a lot of 'Everybody Loves Raymond' on DVD. Oh - guess what? TBS must have read a previous blog post of mine because they moved 'Everybody Loves Raymond' back to 5 - 6 PM. YA! :) I hated when they moved it to 4 PM and I was no longer able to watch it.

Remember I had my house inspection on Monday?
The inspector found mold underneath the house and I asked the seller to repair and treat it along with a few other things. My only want was really to have the mold corrected though. My mom's husband had already told me we could easily fix everything else on our own. (A whole lot less items wrong with this house compared to the first one.)

My realtor called me yesterday and told me the sellers will not be repairing anything. Evidently they have no money, but are willing to give me a credit once the house sells if I choose to fix it myself. My realtor suggested if I decide to continue I should ask for a price reduction. I agree with him.
So today I called 2 different companies to come out on Monday and check out the mold and give me a quote.
The first company gave me a 30 minute window as to when they will come ($65). The other company gave me the options of either before noon or after noon ($75).
I hate when they don't give you at least an hour window. They did say they will call me when they are on their way.
My mom thankfully is going to take care of all this for me Monday.
I feel bad she is driving up here yet again though.
I'll be glad when all this house buying is done and over with... I'm sure she will be as well.
Keep your fingers crossed that this is an easy and inexpensive fix.

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