Thursday, June 23, 2011

Bean And Roo

Since I have absolutely nothing to blog about - and I mean NOTHING - I thought I would introduce you to 2 other dogs I know.

They are Matt's mom's dogs.
They are toy poodles just like my baby boy Wyatt.
See inserted pictures of the little love of my life. (These are a few months old.)
My little guy needs a haircut. I tried to schedule him one, but they are closed over 4th of July weekend.
I will need to trim the hair around his eyes tonight.
Ask me tomorrow if I did it.

Sorry I got off track.
I meant to make this blog post about 2 OTHER dogs I have never mentioned before.
Meet Cocoa and Rusty.
Or as we (at least Matt and I) call them - Cocoa Bean and Rusty Roo.
As you can see they are complete opposites:
Cocoa Bean is a short and fat female.

Rusty Roo is a tall and skinny male.


Cocoa Bean hates having her picture taken.
Rusty Roo loves being in front of the camera.

(I think he is laughing at something funny here... not sure what though.)
Cocoa Bean likes to ignore you when you try to take her picture.
Rusty Roo wants to be in every shot.

Cocoa Bean is afraid of heights.
Rusty Roo loves getting up on the counter.

Cocoa Bean likes to lay and relax all day.
Rusty Roo wants to be up in the action.

Very different looking and acting, right?
For all of their differences they have many similarities.
Both love to eat and eat and eat and eat and eat...
And beg followed by more begging.

Did I mention Rusty Roo is a singer?
He loves the lime light!
Such good dogs just like my Wyatt!

Wondering about the house?
The only house news I have right now is that the sellers did accept my time extension.
Which meant today I was able to counteroffer for more money for the credit to repair and treat the mold. I really hope they accept it. :) I fear they wont though since my realtor called me to let me know the seller's realtor called him about 10 minutes after he faxed it off. He wanted to know how much my other estimate was since I only sent him one. I hate how the sellers know I had two estimates.

If they accept my offer, I will be calling my lender to set up a house appraisal.
Then assuming that goes well I will have a title search and a land survey done.
Should be in the home stretch at that point.

Keep your fingers crossed for me!
I am hoping they pay me at least half of the amount I am asking!

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