Thursday, June 2, 2011


I feel like I accomplished so much yesterday!
Maybe I will be just as successful today.

I made a 'To Do' list while at work with the intention of doing everything on it. I did everything except updating my ipod which is not a big deal  - I'll update it tonight. I even added a few things to my list as I was out and about.
Honestly people, it IS the little things in life that count. :)

For example, while at Kroger buying groceries I noticed they had Roma tomato plants on clearance for $0.89. Last year mine didn't do so well so I am hoping I move into a house so these ones don't die due to lack of sunlight. I already placed them into pots and they are now in a spot on my patio where I think they will get the most light possible. (I hardly get any sunlight where I live.)
So keep your eyes open when you are at your Kroger - maybe yours will have some clearance plants as well.

I drove by the house I would like to make an offer on. No one was outside anywhere near the house so I could not tell much from driving by except that it is quiet abound 8 PM. That could be because of the hour or because it is so hot outside. Actually, I did see one guy jogging - no one else though.

I even decided to go to Kroger a second time so I could make pineapple cupcakes for my co-workers.
I should have took a picture.
They are very yummy and very easy to make!
You literally take a box of cake mix and combine it with a can of crushed pineapple - juice and all.
Cook according to cake mix box. I made cupcakes.
For the topping I mixed whipped cream, a packet of vanilla pudding, and another can of crushed pineapple with the juice.

I have also heard you can take a box of cake mix and a can of any soda to make a different type of cake. I have tried this before, but I think it was gross because the cake itself wasn't a very good one.
Would be neat to have orange soda or cola soda cake. I will have to try this one again one of these day.

Last night I decided to list a few items for sale on Craigslist. I have a buyer for some of my books. She wanted to buy 3 different sets I listed which would have been $30. I told her I would sell all 26 books for $25. A good deal for us both! I am glad to have them out of the house and I am sure her daughter is happy to have them. Unfortunately, I have no other buyers for my other items. I will wait a few days and then will probably list them for even lower prices. I will be happy with any money opposed to taking them to Goodwill and getting nothing for them.
I am mostly just selling books anyways. Once Matt and I go through all our movies I imagine we will have 60 - 70 movies to sell. I think we can sell them for a little money. If we do have 70 movies maybe we can make $40 - $50. That would be nice. I plan on saving up all this money for stuff for my future house.
Who knows, maybe I'll make enough for the Kitchenaid mixer I have been eyeballing.
Or at least enough to make a trip to IKEA worth my time.

Today my realtor sent me the disclosures and comparables for the house.
Seems to be priced good.
Has $32/year homeowner's association fees - I am wondering what those are for...
It even had a new roof installed in 2002 which is excellent news. Means I won't have to put one on anytime soon.
Two more days and I can put in an offer.
My loan guy says he is ready. I gave him the address and he gave me a pre-approval letter.
He told me he hopes I call him on Monday with good news. I hope so too!

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