Wednesday, June 22, 2011

30 Days or Less

Yesterday I wrote I saw my lender.
I didn't go into detail because I was trying to get offline so I could spend time with my mom. We ended up watching 'The Office' which is a show I enjoy watching. Not very sure if my mom liked it or if she was just pretending to like it for my benefit. That is still to be determined. Or TBD as 'the kids' call it. I'm not very hip with the lingo! Obviously - right?

I am very fortunate my lender did not mind meeting after my work hours. When we went yesterday we sat down and looked over paperwork, got answers to questions, and I signed a bunch of items after looking them over. We weren't there very long. It was quick and easy and I didn't feel stressed at all.
I am thankful to have a good lender though.

An interesting fact - if I pay on my home for 30 years and only make one payment a month, I will end up paying double plus almost another $20,000 for the loan I am taking out. How crazy!
I plan on this only being a 3 - 5 year home. And I still plan on taking on realtor's advice about making at least one extra payment a year to help bring the balance down.
The goal will be to have (hopefully) $20,000 in equity by the time I sell my house. 
Then I will have a nice sized down payment to put on my second home. Might allow me to get more of what I want.

After my meeting with my lender we decided to eat dinner at Chuy's.
All I can say is YUMMY! I don't even really like Mexican food! (Just ask Matt.)
This place is just delicious! If you have never been - you need to eat here whenever you have the opportunity. You are missing out!

Remember my mold issue?
Of course you!
How could you forget?

I have decided not to have a third opinion. I made some calls today and got some really good mold advice from one guy I spoke with in particular. I am going to have the cheaper company remove and treat the mold. I will then make sure the crawl space does not stay damp by having an electrician install some fans. I am going to ask for a little more money from the seller's to correct the mold issue. My agent and I are going to meet tomorrow and make another offer to the sellers. Hopefully everything goes well and my offer is accepted.
If so, I have less than 30 days to closing!

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