Tuesday, June 28, 2011


I need boxes.
It is as simple as that.
Have I gotten any yet?
The simple answer is 'no'.
Why haven't I gotten any?
Well, Saturday my excuse was because I hurt my finger. This was a valid excuse.
Then Sunday morning I called my local Kroger and she said I would need to call after 8 PM and talk to a stocker.
Have I called again?
Why not?
Because I am a chicken!
Not sure why really. It isn't like I have to talk to them in person.
Maybe I am afraid of rejection.
But again, it isn’t like I have to talk to them in person.
If they say no - I move on. If they say yes - I get boxes and start packing.

Every time I see free boxes on Craigslist I am not quick enough. They are always already given away.

I made a list of everything I want to accomplish today.
One of those items is to call Kroger after 8 PM and ask about getting some boxes.
Think I will do it?
I sure hope so. I have a lot of things to pack. I keep looking around my apartment thinking I need to get started.
I close on the house in 24 days. I am VERY excited!
Can hardly wait for the appraisal information to come back. I paid for it yesterday - maybe I'll know something by the end of the week. How awesome would that be?

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Whoo Hoo Followed By Boo Hoo

While at work yesterday my realtor called.
He asked me if I was sitting down to which I replied I was. (He had my attention.)
I was hoping for the best, but expecting the worse.
Imagine my surprise when he said:

The seller accepted my offer!!!


Whoo hoo!
Mission accomplished!
The seller's agent said the sellers just wanted to put this behind them. I thought for sure he was going to tell me something bad. I was all nervous for nothing!

I am so very excited!
My lender ordered the appraisal so as long as that goes well I should be in the home stretch. After the appraisal I only need a title search and a survey of land.


I know this whole process will go by so quickly from here. At least I hope it does. Before I know it, I should be in my very first house!

I had all intentions of getting boxes today and starting to pack. I figured since I was home alone for an entire weekend I should get a jump start on getting everything done. Little did I know while cutting all the items to go in the crock pot for my beef stroganoff I would accidentally slice my finger.
Maybe slice isn't the right word.
I cut my finger pretty bad though. (I could show you some pictures I took - I don't want to gross you out.)
Enough to make me go to the emergency room to see if I needed stitches and to get a tetanus shot.
I did not need stitches.
Thank GOD!
I was so scared!
The tetanus shot wasn't as bad as I was expecting it to be.
The nurse was very nice.

When I first got there I was the only one there so I was seen almost immediately. One nurse got my temperature and blood pressure followed by asking me questions. Then I saw the doctor who said I didn't need stitches. Then a different nurse wrapped my finger. A forth nurse gave me my shot.
Even though it was at a hospital, I feel I got wonderful service/attention.

I went home and took a nice long nap.
I have watched a lot of 'Everybody Love Raymond' on DVD and read some.
So much for packing today. I didn't even call anywhere to look for boxes. Tomorrow is a new day!

Check out my beef stroganoff:
(I have already had 2 servings!)

Next time I will add more onions and mushrooms. (Cutting the onion is what did me in.)
I cannot wait to make this for Matt next time he is here. I KNOW he will like it!

I also treated myself to some of the best ice cream:
My parents introduced Matt and I to this and we have never looked back. :)

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Bean And Roo

Since I have absolutely nothing to blog about - and I mean NOTHING - I thought I would introduce you to 2 other dogs I know.

They are Matt's mom's dogs.
They are toy poodles just like my baby boy Wyatt.
See inserted pictures of the little love of my life. (These are a few months old.)
My little guy needs a haircut. I tried to schedule him one, but they are closed over 4th of July weekend.
I will need to trim the hair around his eyes tonight.
Ask me tomorrow if I did it.

Sorry I got off track.
I meant to make this blog post about 2 OTHER dogs I have never mentioned before.
Meet Cocoa and Rusty.
Or as we (at least Matt and I) call them - Cocoa Bean and Rusty Roo.
As you can see they are complete opposites:
Cocoa Bean is a short and fat female.

Rusty Roo is a tall and skinny male.


Cocoa Bean hates having her picture taken.
Rusty Roo loves being in front of the camera.

(I think he is laughing at something funny here... not sure what though.)
Cocoa Bean likes to ignore you when you try to take her picture.
Rusty Roo wants to be in every shot.

Cocoa Bean is afraid of heights.
Rusty Roo loves getting up on the counter.

Cocoa Bean likes to lay and relax all day.
Rusty Roo wants to be up in the action.

Very different looking and acting, right?
For all of their differences they have many similarities.
Both love to eat and eat and eat and eat and eat...
And beg followed by more begging.

Did I mention Rusty Roo is a singer?
He loves the lime light!
Such good dogs just like my Wyatt!

Wondering about the house?
The only house news I have right now is that the sellers did accept my time extension.
Which meant today I was able to counteroffer for more money for the credit to repair and treat the mold. I really hope they accept it. :) I fear they wont though since my realtor called me to let me know the seller's realtor called him about 10 minutes after he faxed it off. He wanted to know how much my other estimate was since I only sent him one. I hate how the sellers know I had two estimates.

If they accept my offer, I will be calling my lender to set up a house appraisal.
Then assuming that goes well I will have a title search and a land survey done.
Should be in the home stretch at that point.

Keep your fingers crossed for me!
I am hoping they pay me at least half of the amount I am asking!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

30 Days or Less

Yesterday I wrote I saw my lender.
I didn't go into detail because I was trying to get offline so I could spend time with my mom. We ended up watching 'The Office' which is a show I enjoy watching. Not very sure if my mom liked it or if she was just pretending to like it for my benefit. That is still to be determined. Or TBD as 'the kids' call it. I'm not very hip with the lingo! Obviously - right?

I am very fortunate my lender did not mind meeting after my work hours. When we went yesterday we sat down and looked over paperwork, got answers to questions, and I signed a bunch of items after looking them over. We weren't there very long. It was quick and easy and I didn't feel stressed at all.
I am thankful to have a good lender though.

An interesting fact - if I pay on my home for 30 years and only make one payment a month, I will end up paying double plus almost another $20,000 for the loan I am taking out. How crazy!
I plan on this only being a 3 - 5 year home. And I still plan on taking on realtor's advice about making at least one extra payment a year to help bring the balance down.
The goal will be to have (hopefully) $20,000 in equity by the time I sell my house. 
Then I will have a nice sized down payment to put on my second home. Might allow me to get more of what I want.

After my meeting with my lender we decided to eat dinner at Chuy's.
All I can say is YUMMY! I don't even really like Mexican food! (Just ask Matt.)
This place is just delicious! If you have never been - you need to eat here whenever you have the opportunity. You are missing out!

Remember my mold issue?
Of course you!
How could you forget?

I have decided not to have a third opinion. I made some calls today and got some really good mold advice from one guy I spoke with in particular. I am going to have the cheaper company remove and treat the mold. I will then make sure the crawl space does not stay damp by having an electrician install some fans. I am going to ask for a little more money from the seller's to correct the mold issue. My agent and I are going to meet tomorrow and make another offer to the sellers. Hopefully everything goes well and my offer is accepted.
If so, I have less than 30 days to closing!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

I Hate Mold

It appears my house drama is starting to go away - or at least becoming less of a pain in the you know what.
Today is the day I had 2 mold professionals from 2 different companies come out and quote me how much the removal and treatment will cost. My mom was very nice and decided she would be there when both companies came that way I would not have to miss any work or have someone take advantage of me.
Worked out very well for me. Probably helped me stress less today. Since I was at work I didn't have a lot of time to sit and dwell on it. At least not enough time to stress over it to the extent I would have had I been there.

The guy from the first company told her it wasn't as bad as he thought it would be. He said it looks like the mold came from the dryer vent not being properly connected to allow the heat to go outside of the house. Evidently it is currently allowing moisture to build in that one area since it is blocked. (I already knew it was blocked from the house inspection.) He couldn't give us a price today, but I should be getting a price emailed to me tomorrow. My mom got the opinion it wouldn't be very expensive to correct. I wish he could have called it in to someone back at the office and give me a price, but I guess I will just have to wait.
The second company came out later in the day. My mom said he seemed to be 'up selling'. He did say the same thing about it being caused by the dryer vent. Like the first company, I will not get the results until tomorrow morning.

(I wrote all the above yesterday and then decided not to post in until today when I found out how much everything would cost.)

The company that came out in the morning quoted me a price of about $600 to treat and remove the mold.
The company that came out in the afternoon quoted me almost $3000! Are they crazy! As you can guess they are wanting to treat and repair many things to include using EPA certified mold removing wipes on my counters, baseboards, and other hard surfaces. I don't think I need all that. Even if I do, I can probably purchase them online and wipe the surfaces down myself. HELLO! - I AM NOT RICH!

I am suppose to give a response to the sellers today, but my realtor suggested we ask for an extension so I can think this all over. I agreed and we have sent it back to the seller already.
My mom's gut tells her the company who came in the morning and is quoting the lower price is who I should go with out of the two. She said he spent more time under the house then the other company and that he seemed more educated on his job.

Now Matt, my mom, and G think I should get a third opinion....
I will call someone tomorrow.

I do want this house.
I'll sleep on it.

Met with my lender today - all went well! :)

Friday, June 17, 2011

Bye Couch!

The couch in G O N E!

I thought that thing would NEVER leave me. I was beginning to think I was destined to keep it forever and ever. And it would follow me to my next house and then my next one. To the point where my future child would take it to college and then to their first apartment.
Yes, I am a bit dramatic. Sometimes.

I looked outside around 10 or 10:15 last night and it was still there so I figured I would leave it there until Matt and I got off the phone - I would let Wyatt out one more time and then drag it in. (Something I was not looking forward to doing.)
When Matt and I did get off the phone I got Wyatt on his leash and grabbed the trash and saw it was no longer it front of my door.
I immediately called Matt to let him know.
I took Wyatt out and saw two college age guys loading it into their SUV.
All I could think was 'GOODBYE COUCH'!

Now that I have talked about couches for 3 days I need to move on to new subjects. Only about 5 of you read my blog daily and I know you must be sick and tired of hearing about my couch drama. For those of you who don't tune in daily - go ahead and skip the last blog posting.
Even I'm sick of talking about it!
But that's what you get when you read some one's blog who doesn't do much during the week.
I did watch a lot of 'Everybody Loves Raymond' on DVD. Oh - guess what? TBS must have read a previous blog post of mine because they moved 'Everybody Loves Raymond' back to 5 - 6 PM. YA! :) I hated when they moved it to 4 PM and I was no longer able to watch it.

Remember I had my house inspection on Monday?
The inspector found mold underneath the house and I asked the seller to repair and treat it along with a few other things. My only want was really to have the mold corrected though. My mom's husband had already told me we could easily fix everything else on our own. (A whole lot less items wrong with this house compared to the first one.)

My realtor called me yesterday and told me the sellers will not be repairing anything. Evidently they have no money, but are willing to give me a credit once the house sells if I choose to fix it myself. My realtor suggested if I decide to continue I should ask for a price reduction. I agree with him.
So today I called 2 different companies to come out on Monday and check out the mold and give me a quote.
The first company gave me a 30 minute window as to when they will come ($65). The other company gave me the options of either before noon or after noon ($75).
I hate when they don't give you at least an hour window. They did say they will call me when they are on their way.
My mom thankfully is going to take care of all this for me Monday.
I feel bad she is driving up here yet again though.
I'll be glad when all this house buying is done and over with... I'm sure she will be as well.
Keep your fingers crossed that this is an easy and inexpensive fix.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Terrorized By A Couch

Since I got my new couch a few days ago I decided to list my old couch for free on Craigslist.

You would think it would be simple enough to get rid of it right?


I had 3 people who emailed me by lunch time yesterday and I told the first person they could have it, but they needed to pick it up by 6 PM. I emailed the other 2 people and told them they could have it if the first person was a no show.
Around 5:30 I brought the couch outside into the breezeway to allow the lady to pick it up. Mostly because I didn't want anyone inside my home. (Stranger = Danger!)
About 6:30 I called her to make sure she knew how to get to my house. She said she did and would be there soon. By 8 PM she still hadn't shown up - so I texted and emailed her to see if she was still coming. No response. At 8:45 I emailed the other 2 people and got no response. At 9 PM I placed the ad back online (I had taken it down).
This morning I looked online to see if I had any emails about it. None. The first lady wrote me 'no' at 10 PM to my question asking if she was coming. I wrote her back - 'Thanks for letting me know in time'.

So frustrating!

I'm giving it for free!


Right now I have someone who is suppose to be on there way to pick it up. I plan on looking outside at 10:15 PM...
If it isn't gone I am dragging it to the dumpster. (Actually I will drag it back into the house - I'll need help bringing it to the dumpster.)
I didn't want it to go into a landfill if someone wanted and needed it, but I am not going to continue to inconvenience myself.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Joe Huber's Family Farm

Last weekend Matt and I went strawberry picking!
It was hot, but so much fun! I will be more than willing to go again in the near future. Or at least next Spring since I think strawberry picking is over for this season.

We drove about 35 minutes to Starlight, Indiana to go to Joe Huber's Family Farm. It is such a well kept farm and evidently even has a winery down the road.

Since Matt and I go to church on Saturday evenings we decided to go to the farm Sunday morning. The farm opens at 8AM, but that is when we decided to wake. We got to the farm a little after 9AM and boy am I glad - it got hot!
If you have children, you should take them there. They had so many different things for them to do.

Our sole purpose of coming to the farm was to pick lots of strawberries.
When you first get there you wait outside for the tractor to take you to the strawberry fields. Me being me I didn't listen to the instructions as to where it would meet us outside so Matt had to go back into the store and ask the lady. You literally just wait outside by the main building.

Here it is:

The ride added to the whole experience for me. I know I have picked strawberries as a child, but it has been YEARS. I was a bit fascinated with the ride until my black pants started to get coated in dust. It was neat riding past the animals and apple trees on the farm.
I would have preferred to not have gotten dirty, but it is all good because it washed out.

(Pssst... apple picking season is in October!)
Once we arrived at the spot where you pick the strawberries the driver told us we could pick from any of the fields we saw.
Immediately Matt and I split up in search for the perfect ones.
Watch as my box filled up:

Matt of course thinks he picked better ones then I did. And maybe he did - I had a bunch of smaller ones and a few big ones whereas his were mostly big. He was also better at picking completely ripe ones whereas I started picking them all once my back and legs started to hurt from bending over and kneeling down. Just goes to show you how out of shape I really am since Matt said his body wasn't bothering him at all. Plus I am also a wimp! With a capital W I M P!
I am a bit pathetic - I won't lie to you.

These were a GREAT price too!
Conclusion - If you live in the area you should check the farm out!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Houses and Couches

The home inspection was yesterday on the second house I have a contract on.
My mom got there on time for me since I was going to be about 40 minutes late because I chose not to leave work early. (I knew he would go over everything at the end - I used the same guy as last time - he is good! If you need a house inspector and live near me I can always email you his information.) 

It went pretty good. My major concern is that there is what appears to be like mold in the crawl space in one area. I talked to my realtor and told him I would like the sellers to repair and treat the mold along with a few other items the inspector wrote down on the inspection. Could mean they might not be willing to repair anything.
I was thinking this could be a deal breaker, but my mom's husband thinks everything that is wrong can be easily repaired or replaced.
Also found out yesterday that this home is an estate sale. This will work the same as a regular sale though. I just thought I would mention it.

In other news...
If you want to think I am the 'nutso' girl of Kentucky- that's okay! :)
But, I am going to tell you about my brand new couch!
Our first piece of furniture bought by Matt and myself. Most of my furniture was given to me by my mother or a family friend. I think all I have bought on my own is a TV unit thing and my bed. Matt bought me a solid wood bookcase when I graduated college as well.
Now Matt and I own something 'big' together.
It's official!
I am very proud of us!
Baby steps are what matter in my opinion.

(Please excuse the poor lighting.)

Matt and I had been eyeballing this 2-piece couch set at Sam's for about two months or maybe longer, but were waiting for me to buy a house before purchasing so it wouldn't be in my stinky second hand smoke apartment.
Well, about 3 weeks ago I saw it was $100 cheaper!
Whoo hoo!
I am all about sales and bargain shopping and this was a SIGN!
AKA it was now on clearance and would sell out quickly.
Due to life events I was not able to buy it until yesterday.
And let me tell you - what an adventure!
I called a few Sam's to make sure it was in stock and my mom drove down with the truck. In hindsight, due to the price of gas and what not, we should have rented a U-Haul. Can't dwell on it though.
We went to get it last night and I could see 2 in stock. Had to find someone to get it down though since it was on the very top rack (third shelf). The guys got it down and brought it to customer service so I could make my purchase. Really neat watching the guy use whatever that machine is called to get it down. I was a bit nervous the couch would fall (it was stading longways) - he did the whole thing perfectly with ease.
We were only able to bring one piece home last night due to the size of it. Had to come back today to get the other piece. I was a bit worried about them not having it even though I had purchased it, but it worked out just fine. Thankfully the same lady was at the customer service desk and remembered me.
Yesterday when we got to my apartment with the couch we had a hard time even getting it out of the bed of the truck. Luckily the guy directly above me so us struggling and asked if we needed help.

Thank goodness! He was a blessing!
He did most of the moving!
It was WAY heavy!
I feel bad for Matt and my mom's husband when I do finally move and they are the ones moving it. It is a lot heavier than it looks! Maybe I should keep that on the down low.
So Shhhhhh.....
Oh never mind, they both read this blog.
I'll just have to look pitiful so they will help me.
Think it will work?

Or maybe I really will hire people to move me this time to give them a break. Actually, I might do that since I need them to be well rested to install floors and make small repairs for me.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

My Offer Is Accepted!

Last night my realtor called and said the the seller's agent called saying the seller would be making a counteroffer because they did not like my closing date. That was all he knew at the time. He said he would call me once he received the actual paperwork so we could proceed form there. I was hoping that was the only item they were disagreeing with.

Found out this morning they counter offered on the date - they wanted 30 to 40 days closing time (not sure why since the house is empty, but this did not bother me - I had asked for July 1).
They only dropped the price $1000.
And also said they would pay up to $3000 closing costs but not to include the pre-paids I was asking.

So I counteroffer there counteroffer with $2000 less then the asking price (I originally asked for $4000 less) and I wanted up to $3000 for closing costs AND pre-paids.
-For the record, I am not sure what the pre-paids include. My realtor did explain it to me, but for the life of me I cannot remember. I feel bad - it must have went in one ear and out the other.-

My realtor sent the contract back to them around 4 PM today.
By 8 PM I had my congratulations from my realtor!
We were in the middle of playing cards - never even played a third hand to break up our Skip-bo tie. We are addicted to this game!

Matt bought me an M&M Blizzard (my Fav!) to celebrate.
-We had already ate a steak dinner.-

How am I feeling right now?
I feel like screaming!
I should be in bed sleeping right now - yet I am wide awake!

Whoo hoo!
I am so very happy!
And excited!
Not nervous at all! - At least not yet!

Tomorrow I will be calling my lender and the inspector to set up times to see them both. I am hoping I can see them both in the same day so I don't have to take too much time off from work. House hunting has taken a lot of my vacation days.
Well, until tomorrow! :)

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Made An Offer....

Remember the house I saw earlier in the week that I wrote about?
I said I wanted to make an offer on it....
Matt and I went and saw it this morning - I also made an offer on it.
I offered $4,000 less then the asking price, seller to pay closing costs, and all appliances to be included.

(The MLS listing said seller was willing to pay closing costs with a reasonable offer and all appliances would remain so really only the $4,000 is the item in question.)

That was at 10:30 AM.
It is now almost 3 PM.
We gave the seller's until 10 PM tonight to respond.
I am feeling a bit anxious - we haven't heard anything yet.

My realtor said we will know something tonight.
They will either accept it, decline it, counteroffer it, or will ask for more time.
They only have 4 options.
At least those are the only options I know about.
I am hoping they will accept it.

The house is already empty so hopefully I get my prayers answered.
I did offer them a quick sale - I want to close on July 1 - can't imagine that being an issue for them.

I'm sure I'll blog more tonight when I know more...

I almost forgot to tell you...
The first house I made an offer on I paid for a title search per the lawyers dealing with the short-sale on that house. I thought I would lose that money since I am no longer purchasing the house. I figured I might as well ask though.
Good thing I did!
She wrote me back yesterday saying they will reimburse me my money due to an unresponsive seller!

I was not counting on getting the money back at all!
So now I am only out the $285 house inspection and $50 termite inspection on the first house!
Maybe I see new counter tops in my future.....

Thursday, June 2, 2011


I feel like I accomplished so much yesterday!
Maybe I will be just as successful today.

I made a 'To Do' list while at work with the intention of doing everything on it. I did everything except updating my ipod which is not a big deal  - I'll update it tonight. I even added a few things to my list as I was out and about.
Honestly people, it IS the little things in life that count. :)

For example, while at Kroger buying groceries I noticed they had Roma tomato plants on clearance for $0.89. Last year mine didn't do so well so I am hoping I move into a house so these ones don't die due to lack of sunlight. I already placed them into pots and they are now in a spot on my patio where I think they will get the most light possible. (I hardly get any sunlight where I live.)
So keep your eyes open when you are at your Kroger - maybe yours will have some clearance plants as well.

I drove by the house I would like to make an offer on. No one was outside anywhere near the house so I could not tell much from driving by except that it is quiet abound 8 PM. That could be because of the hour or because it is so hot outside. Actually, I did see one guy jogging - no one else though.

I even decided to go to Kroger a second time so I could make pineapple cupcakes for my co-workers.
I should have took a picture.
They are very yummy and very easy to make!
You literally take a box of cake mix and combine it with a can of crushed pineapple - juice and all.
Cook according to cake mix box. I made cupcakes.
For the topping I mixed whipped cream, a packet of vanilla pudding, and another can of crushed pineapple with the juice.

I have also heard you can take a box of cake mix and a can of any soda to make a different type of cake. I have tried this before, but I think it was gross because the cake itself wasn't a very good one.
Would be neat to have orange soda or cola soda cake. I will have to try this one again one of these day.

Last night I decided to list a few items for sale on Craigslist. I have a buyer for some of my books. She wanted to buy 3 different sets I listed which would have been $30. I told her I would sell all 26 books for $25. A good deal for us both! I am glad to have them out of the house and I am sure her daughter is happy to have them. Unfortunately, I have no other buyers for my other items. I will wait a few days and then will probably list them for even lower prices. I will be happy with any money opposed to taking them to Goodwill and getting nothing for them.
I am mostly just selling books anyways. Once Matt and I go through all our movies I imagine we will have 60 - 70 movies to sell. I think we can sell them for a little money. If we do have 70 movies maybe we can make $40 - $50. That would be nice. I plan on saving up all this money for stuff for my future house.
Who knows, maybe I'll make enough for the Kitchenaid mixer I have been eyeballing.
Or at least enough to make a trip to IKEA worth my time.

Today my realtor sent me the disclosures and comparables for the house.
Seems to be priced good.
Has $32/year homeowner's association fees - I am wondering what those are for...
It even had a new roof installed in 2002 which is excellent news. Means I won't have to put one on anytime soon.
Two more days and I can put in an offer.
My loan guy says he is ready. I gave him the address and he gave me a pre-approval letter.
He told me he hopes I call him on Monday with good news. I hope so too!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

I Made A Decision

I have done a lot of thinking over the last 24 hours.
Been using my noggin!
I have decided I WILL make an offer on the house I saw yesterday.
I have counted and then I re-counted 90 days from the date of the contract from the first house I wanted to buy and I believe my 90 days will be up on Friday. Which means I would be able to put in an offer on Saturday!
Hopefully no one will make an offer on it prior to that time.

How exciting!

I really think this is the ONE!

The ONE for me!

No other like it!

It is at the right price, in the right location, and with the right amount of work needed! If possible, I would like to close before 4th of July weekend. That would be convenient for me. :)
Means I would only have to use 4 vacation days at first.

My lender returned my call today and told me how much the payment would be and said it is possible to close with less than 30 days!