Sunday, May 8, 2011

Whatcha Watching?

Don't you just love the weekend?
I sure do! Too bad they go by so quickly! But then again, so does the work week. I dread when Monday comes, but before I know it, it is Friday.

Friday evening Matt and I hung out really doing nothing. We did eat some yummy Chick-Fila.
My favorite!
Of course, eating out on Friday night is nothing new for us - LOL!

Saturday I went thrift shopping.
The first Saturday of the month at Goodwill in middle Tennessee always has all items 50% off. (Too bad Kentucky doesn't do this.)
Check out what I got for $6:
Each glass container was $1.99 - so $1 each after discount. I plan on storing items like rice, oats, etc in these. Maybe my future house will have a nice pantry to store all of these items. I need to buy vinyl for my Cricut so I can practice on these before I have my own house and want to Cricut everything in the house from the walls to the front door.
The stool was $2.99 - so $1.50 after discount. It is real wood (I later realized it was from Kids Pottery Barn which for whatever reason seems to be very popular out in blogland). I bought it for work - I have been wanting a stool or something to prop my feet on which I feel will help me while sitting at my desk all day. Now I just need to get rid of the name Nora on it and then maybe paint it. It was cheaper then buying a plastic one at Target and it will be good looking when it is all done.  

That evening Matt and I drove to Waverly, TN to go to the Valley drive-in movie theater.
We hadn't been to this particular movie theater since I moved to Kentucky back in 2009 - crazy it had been that long!
We saw 'Fast Five' and 'The Lincoln Lawyer'. Both were awesome movies which I highly recommend watching.
(Just got done watching 'Race to Witch Mountain' on TBS - also good!)
We parked in the second row and were happy no one parked directly in front of us. (I was nervous that a big truck would park in front of us and then we wouldn't be able to see.) My mom lent us her chairs and radio. We had a nice setup and I didn't have to worry about my car radio draining my car battery from being on. Matt is suppose to be getting us a radio before we go again.
The only bad thing about going to this particular drive-in movie theater is it is almost 60 miles away. Meaning we didn't get home until around 2 AM. Then I wasn't thinking right and gave Matt my copy of my mom's house key to let Toby out while she is out of town for a day and so when I get to the house, I was forced to wake my parents up. (We had left his car at Kroger since he had the big truck and we didn't want my parents blocking his vehicle in while we were gone which would then make us have to move the vehicles around and I didn't want to wake the dogs since I knew they would bark.)
Luckily my parents are very understanding people!

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