Monday, May 16, 2011

Weekend Wrap Up

We had a nice relaxing weekend of shopping and movie watching which was exactly what I needed.
I know - this is all we do every weekend. Matt and I are homebodies to the extreme. It's who we are!

Friday night when Matt got to my house we went to Penn Station Subs for dinner. Only we never got out of the car because once we pulled up I realized I wasn't feeling a sandwich so we drove to Mimi's Café instead. I ate salmon - yummy! I think we are going to buy some next weekend to cook at home. Whole Foods had some good looking fish when we were there this weekend.
Saturday morning we watched 'The Green Hornet'(stupid) and 'No Strings Attached' (cute/predictable) and then hung around the house until 3:30 PM when we finally left to go shopping and church. Service was great this week! I like listening to both the pastor and the assistant pastor at our church, but I think I enjoy the assistant pastor - Kyle the best. Kyle is the one who spoke and it was about how what's in your heart is what affects your behavior. He was saying when you modify your behavior your are only fixing the 'symptoms', not the root cause. Makes sense to me!
After church we did some grocery shopping followed by watching 'Little Fockers' (LOVE IT!). We had seen this movie in theater on Christmas Day and both enjoyed it enough to rent it again. Ben Stiller and Robert De Niro are so funny together!

Sunday we went out to buy newspapers and drove by a few houses. We played Skip-bo; I am a big enough person to admit Matt beat me on every single hand. I was so ashamed of myself - just kidding! LOL!
I have beat Matt TONS of times!
Matt - I WILL beat you next time! Enjoy your victory for now! It WILL be short lived!
He he he!

Speaking of houses - the lawyer emailed all of us involved with the house I am currently under contract for saying she still has not heard from the seller and we cannot proceed until they do. (This email was addressed to the seller's agent.) Meaning basically we are still in the same spot we have been this entire time. My current contract ends on June 5... if we don't hear from her by then, I give up. Not worth it. The seller is dragging her feet and I am sick of it. This is so mean of me to say, but I hope it goes into foreclosure and destroys her credit. Don't judge me! :)

There was one house I had viewed a few weeks ago that I am interested in seeing again.
It is 3 bedrooms/2 bath right around 1100 square feet. It also has a bonus room above the garage that my realtor doesn't think is included in the footage of the house. He said the ceilings must be 7 feet tall in order to qualify - it appears to be 7 feet in the middle of the room, but on the sides, the ceiling slant down. The space would make a nice TV/craft room though. We would need to install some sort of heating and air system which I am sure is another reason the room is not counted in the footage.
The home is not as big as I would like, but good enough for a 3 - 5 year home. I can see it meeting all my basic needs. Would probably be easy to re-sell in the future after I put a little elbow grease into it. For one, I would like to install laminate flooring into the living room, kitchen, and hallway. To me, this always looks clean and opens up a room. I almost forgot to tell you about the yard... It is BIG considering it is in a neighborhood and is even fenced in. It has enough space I could always add a sun room later on for additional space. Plus the home is already mostly newly finished.
Get this - this is the very first house I ever saw! I had seen it back in November when it was a foreclosure. It had scared me back then because the walls had holes, the carpet smelled of cat pee, and the kitchen was fully removed. Too much work for this first time home buyer!

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