Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Rollercoaster Emotions

Where do I even begin with the emotions I have been having over the last few days...
I have been a bit stressed over the whole house situation. I want this process to be over and done with.... a thing of the past.
I absolutely, positively hate house hunting!
HGTV lies!

Matt and I went and saw 2 houses on Saturday which I had already seen a few weeks ago but liked enough to see a second time.
After taking pictures and writing out pros/cons and what needed to be worked on, I decided on the first house. I wanted to make an offer on that house. Or so I thought at the time.
Maybe I was settling.
Maybe I really liked it.
Attachment is already gone from it.
Amazing how fast the attachment left me. Took me weeks and weeks to get over the other house. Just goes to show you I am learning.

My mom came down yesterday to see the house with me. She didn't like it for various reasons I won't go into since it doesn't matter. Plus, there was standing water underneath the house - never a good thing. The water alone was a deal breaker for me. I am very glad I have a good realtor who checks these things after it has rained.

So I plan on taking some time off from work tomorrow to go see a few more houses with my mom. I think I emailed him 6 I wanted to see. I am hoping one of them meets my criteria and my taste. That would be awesome!

On a side note -
My 3 month contract on the first house is not over until June 5 - 6 which means I cannot make an offer until then (actually after that). So I am asking for a release of contract from her. I had my realtor email it to me yesterday and I signed and returned it to him within the hour. Hopefully she signs and returns it quickly. I am doubtful though. I fear she won't sign it at all. She doesn't even answer her phone so what makes me think this will get done?
Once June comes, even though my contract is expired, I am still technically in contract. At that point it should be easy to get out of since I have proof from mine and her realtor and the lawyer involved. So at least I know I don't have to wait on her forever.

Best case scenario will be that she signs it ASAP. Worst case scenario is she never signs it.
(Her realtor is sending the document to her via certified mail.)
My mom asked my realtor if she would be able to sue me for pulling out of the deal. He said she shouldn't be able to, but you never know since some people sue for any reason these days. I should be fine though. I plan on keeping all my emails to cover my butt just in case.

On a second side note -
I have a funny story my realtor told me about the seller on the house I have a contract on. (The seller's agent told my agent this.)
Evidently her son called her agent and told him he was locked out of the house and could he get the code to the agent's box on the door. He gave it to him and told him to replace the key and re-lock the box. I guess when the agent went to the house a week or so later the key box was opened with no key in it. The seller must have kept the key!
This just goes to tell me she does not want to sell her house and will end up letting the house go into foreclosure.

Have I mentioned I loathe house hunting?

Please pray for me.... pray for GOD to direct me to the right house.

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