Sunday, May 1, 2011

Raw Egg + Vinegar = Rubber???

A few weeks ago, me and a few of my co-workers were talking about fun kid crafts.
(Although I don't have any children I am obsessed with looking at kid crafts on blogs so I am an expert know a thing or two about kid crafts. Or so I like to think I do.)

One of my co-workers mentioned how when she used to work at a daycare years ago they tried the old turning an egg to rubber trick.
Are you thinking: WHAT????

I was! I thought for sure she must have said that wrong.
So of course I had to get her to explain better.
Which she did.
So I decided to try it out yesterday morning. And now I will explain to you. Who knows, maybe you will try it out.

For this experiment you will need the following supplies:
Raw Egg
Container With Lid 

To begin, place your raw egg into your contain and completely cover with vinegar.
You will then place the lid securely on and leave it out on your counter for a full 24 hours.
You will notice it bubble up sometimes when you look at it.
I wont lie, I shook it once. 

Once 24 hours have passed,  remove the egg from the container.
Notice the color...
It was rubbery!

My co-worked said it would bounce lightly.
Matt bounced it once in the sink and it broke. 
I never even got to touch the full egg!
I did touch the skin once it was broken. It did feel like a thin balloon.
I was SO disappointed!
Maybe I used too fresh of an egg.
Let me know if you try this experiment. 

In conclusion, this experience was neat to see - not to bounce.

Last week and this week Kroger has on sale Reach toothbrushes and floss $1 each. If you have any coupons now is the time to use them. I did yesterday... my 4 toothbrushes are firm so these will be donated since we like soft and medium. I wasn't sure if they would be $1 this week and I didn't want the coupons to go to waste.
Doesn't Wyatt look like he is smiling? We saw on the news that due to the price of oil and feed all groceries will begin to raise 3 - 4% and meat will raise 8% in price. This got us thinking. I will now go back to stock piling like I used to. Since I have a decent stock pile on certain items I will make sure I only buy at rock bottom prices. (Like I did with the floss and toothbrushes.)
I may not start this week, but next week it is on! :)


  1. That is disgusting. It looks like a condom! Sheeesh!