Thursday, May 19, 2011

Pink Is My New Purple (At Least Today)

Since I hadn't heard anything from the law firm in awhile I decided to email them to see if they had heard from the seller.
Here are the emails we had (paraphrased since I am just wanting to sum them up... she didn't write very much though).

Me: Have you all heard from the seller yet?
Paralegal: No, she has not returned any calls.
Me: If you do not hear from her will the home go into foreclosure? Is my contract invalid if that does happen.
Paralegal: Yes.
Then I wrote back asking if there was anything we could do to push this along. She took about 30 minutes to write back and when she finally did, she said they called the seller's agent and he said he would try to get a hold of her.
I had heard this before. I was and am still thinking they will not be able to get in touch with her.
So I thanked her for her time and told her I will be emailing her again next week if I don't hear from her. I actually plan on emailing her on Monday. Like my mom said, I might as well make them work for the money I have been charged.

Then last night while I was busy doing something I heard my phone ring but chose to ignore it. Come to find out it was my realtor calling. The lawyer had called him and the seller's agent. The seller's agent was supposedly going to drive to her house yesterday and if she was home, he was going to get her to call them. I am doubtful of course. If she is avoiding phone calls why would she bother answering the door?

Such drama!

In other "news" - Check out my new bedding!
I actually bought it a few months ago (before Christmas, I think) and have been waiting to use it until I moved into a house and had new sheets to go with it. Obviously I am still in my smoky apartment and no, I have not bought new sheets yet. I just wanted something new in my bedroom. I am a bit sick of looking at purple linens and thought a fresh look would do me some good. (I have had purple for YEARS!)
Matt has a plain green down comforter similar to mine so it's like we are matching! :)

I'm not normally a pink person, but something about this down comforter called my name last time I was home and in Belk. Sure wish I still had my 20% discount. Oh well. Next time I am home I need to see if they have matching sheets - What do you think of dark brown or maybe cream colored?
Too bad we don't have a Belk here. The closest one is in Elizabethtown and that is too far to travel to go to one store.

Let's take one more look at my bed linens (and my cute doggy!).

Did more cleaning today.
Both my bathrooms are cleaned top to bottom now. I sanitized all solid surfaces. I even have all the solid floors in my apartment washed.
Not too shabby!
Such a good feeling to have it all done!

I know it will all need to be done again when I move, but I am hoping it will be much easier (quicker) to clean when that time comes.
All my dishes and clothes are washed and put away too!


  1. Does this mean a new wreath is in my future???? Ha! I like it. Needs a new you're wishing you did not give me back my cream bedskirt now. Love you.

  2. A new wreath in your future??? Are you thinking you will get my purple ball wreath??? If so, you are crazy! No purple ball wreath in your future. LOL!