Wednesday, May 25, 2011

More HH

Did more house hunting with my mom today since I took off for an appointment already.
We looked at 4 houses - I think. One of the houses I wanted to see already has a pending sale and another home I wanted to see my realtor was not able to get in touch with so we did not get to see either of these homes.
I must say, today was a success!
I really liked the first 3 homes.

All of them are really move in ready.
Would really only need to change paint colors...
If I had to pick, house #1 was the best followed by house #3.
House #1's flaw is it is on a busier road.
Pros are it had a fireplace and an open kitchen and living room. Nice sized bedrooms. A wonderful yard and shed.
House #3's flaw is it is located next to an empty (large) field that is zoned commercial and has a weird sized/shaped backyard. Being zoned commericial is scary to me. It would be very difficult to resell a house next to a business.
Pros are it was the largest. Had wonderful closet spaces. Nice quiet location.
House #2 was cute as a button! The home owner must be into HGTV like me. However, that house had an auto shop directly behind it which I think would be hard to resell as well. 

After looking at the houses with my mom and realtor we decided to drive by the house I currently have a contract on.
We noticed something....
The electricity has been turned off - the electrical part on the side of the house was removed from the 'box'. The windows were all closed so we are assuming she is not there. It has been WAY too hot for her to be inside with all the windows closed.
I am assuming she has abandoned the house.
Which means I am also going to assume she is allowing the house to go into foreclosure instead of selling to me.
I called that one!
Sad, but true.
Good thing I have already moved on emotionally from that house.

My mom, being the person she is, stopped the car when we were leaving the neighborhood to talk to a lady outside a few houses down. She acted interested in looking through the windows and was able to get some information.
Sneaky - I know.
Evidently the son moved out about a month ago and she hasn't seen the lady or her car in a few weeks.

Just the information my mom was wanting to know.

I will say, this lady was very nice. She even told us the house next to her was on the market.
(My realtor does not currently see this house listed though.)

I called my realtor to inform him of our findings.
I am hoping he will tell the seller's agent.
Guess I'll have to wait and she what happens now.

Later on in the afternoon my mom and I drove by the 3 houses to check them out from the outside.
Once again she stopped and talked to someone walking along the road.
(I am truly shocked that people are willing to stop and talk to a complete stranger on the street. I think I would be freaked out if this ever happened to me.) 
This lady told my mom she thought the area was nice and safe and that she has lived in her home for 14 years. She even told me the schools the local children go to. If you haven't guessed, my mom asked this lady these questions.
I liked this lady. She even introduced herself at the end of the conversation. Unfortantly, I do not remember her name.

I am not bold enough to stop and talk to someone, but sometimes it is nice to have a mom who is willing to do this.
Mom, please do not get a big head. :)

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  1. You crack me up!!! What's the worse that could happen? And how much more harmless could we look driving around in my Accord with a poodle on your lap? Ha! I love you!