Tuesday, May 3, 2011

It's Rude Not To Return Messages!

I got an email last week from the lady who works at the law firm who is working on the house I hope to buy. Her update said she was trying to get a hold of the seller for the bank so the bank could move on to the next step after talking to her.
Well great - from my experience the seller is not an easy person to get a hold of since she is probably avoiding all calls from anyone related to this housing sale. Of course this made me a bit sad/depressed/angry/annoyed.
Nothing has been done! I have been waiting since March 5th for the balls to start moving on this short sale and I feel nothing has happened between then and now.
To make matters worse...
I had seen a house online that I wanted to see prior to seeing this one. It too was a short-sale and was 'sold' before I could ever see it. Well now it is back online for sale so I am assuming the people who made an offer on it no longer wanted to wait anymore. It was as if they had put in 3 months of their time and then changed their mind. Not that I blame them. This whole process is so frustrating! You think that is a sign? Probably not, but I keep asking GOD to give me a sign as what to do. You would think Wells Fargo (all banks) would want to get these homes off their books and have a paying homeowner in these houses so they can start making money on them again.
My original contract was for 90 days which is soon to expire. My realtor said I need to sign it back in the next week or so if I want to proceed. He wants me to extend until September 1. I was under the impression I would be signing it back for August 1. I told him I need to think about it. I also told him I would want to sign it back for August 1. He said I was in control of what date we put, but since the lawyer said September 1 he thinks that is what we should put.
Whenever I have a big decision to make I have found it easiest to make a pros and cons list.
So I did just that.

House meets most of my criteria:
-3 bedrooms
-2 full baths
-1 floor
-2 car garage
-Brick exterior
-Fenced in back yard
(has everything I wanted but a basement)
Price is great
Good location

Long Process with an uncooperative seller
I have to pay closing costs
No appliances included
House needs some work
Has not been appraised by bank yet (price could change)

Let me tell you what work the house needs right way:
Needs to be fully painted (current homeowner smokes in house)
Fix backdoor (frame work needs to be re-done)
Floor board underneath master bathroom needs to be fixed
Master bathroom needs new flooring installed
Move gutters away from house to move water from house (causing foundation problems with the house and might need to be worked on in the future)
Reconnect dryer vent under house and remove lint from under house
All 3 bedrooms need new carpet installed
Lower water heater
Fix water faucet in guest bathroom (switch hot and cold)
Air duct under house needs to be lifted from the ground
Nail down loose boards on deck

I would also like to do some other work to the house after some time passes:
New counters in kitchen (they are currently moving away from the wall)
New mailbox
New toilets
Rock in flower beds
Brick in flower beds
Seal back deck
Pain shutters and front door
Remove horseshoes (game) from yard
In a few years it will need:
40-gallon water heater
Air conditioner

It needs A LOT of work! Or maybe it just seems that way.
I need to make a decision SOON!
I really want the house so the only question is am I willing to wait for it.
I did look online at other homes and nothing compares to this one within my budget. Too bad I can’t afford $15,000 more.... I don’t want to be house poor though.

The above is what I wrote yesterday, but didn't post)
(Below happened today)

I emailed the lady from the law firm to follow up on last week's email. I asked her if they had heard from the seller.
You ready for some bad news?
I wasn't. I was hoping for the best.
Evidently the attorney called her again and left a voicemail again. (notice the 2 'agains') She sent an email to the seller's agent as well as mine advising they (the law firm) cannot move forward until the seller calls. She is going to call the seller's agent again.
What a mess!
I was going to call my realtor today, but I think I will wait until tomorrow after I have formulated my questions I want to ask.

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