Wednesday, May 11, 2011

I Need To Complain/Whine

If you aren't in the mood to read something that is wrote by a mad/annoyed person (wrote this morning), please do not read this post.
I was NOT in a good mood when I wrote this.
You have been warned.

Last chance to stop reading.

Yesterday when I got off work I noticed I was low on fuel but made the executive decision to push on and go home and fill up tomorrow morning (today). I figured there was no way gas prices would change since I had recently heard on the news it was suppose to go down.
Well guess what?
Those people are big fat liars!
By my house, at least at the 3 gas stations I passed, it is $4.15 a gallon!
This is ridiculous!
Has it ever been this high?
I feel I will soon have to choose between fuel and food.
Okay... maybe I am being a teeny tiny bit dramatic....
Or am I???
Someone needs to get off their butt and do something about this!
Luckily I decided to take the long way to work and get on the interstate to see if it was cheaper at a nearby truck stop - it was.
Thank goodness! But it was still high. 20 cents higher then it was on Sunday evening when I drove by it.
I also heard on the radio station this morning that the median price in Louisville is $4.19 a gallon. ($3.89 for the state though.) I feel bad for the people who are forced to pay that price.
Normally, I would never, ever, ever complain about our President because no matter how much I hate or like that person they are still are country's leader... BUT come on Obama! Do something! You want us to go into a depression?!!?! Somehow I don't think that will help your re-election campaign.

Since I am sure you are sick of hearing me moan on and on about gas prices - let's move on to my job.
I am SO VERY happy to have a job and I LIKE my job!
However, I have one certain co-worker who needs to grow up! She comes into work almost every day at least 30 minutes late and then takes an hour lunch almost every single day when we are only allocated 30 minutes. But that isn’t even what I want to gripe about - I just wanted you to have some background information on her behavior so you could picture her type in your mind.
Right now (at my job) there is a position available that is a pay step above the one we (7 of us) are currently in. Of course Miss Nosey wants to know who applied for it. I however do not think it is any one's business. Why should it matter to her who did or did not apply for the position? So then I hear her telling another one of our co-workers that it is every one's business who applied and it shouldn’t be a secret. OMG! I wanted to yell at her! I just know it isn't worth it though. She is very closed minded and thinks she is always right! I'm sure her comment was directed at me since she said it loud enough and I sit next to her. Again - GROW UP!

And lastly, my poor baby boy has been sick. He does seem to be better though.
(Have I ever mentioned how much I hate my apartment?)
He had diarrhea for almost 2 weeks before I took him to the vet. I am a horrible mommy. In my defense, his diarrhea had stopped for a few days in between. I took him to the vet on Monday to see what was wrong. They tested his poop and found a round worm egg. So they treated that and gave him anti-diarrhea medicine. The good news is his heart murmur is still the same and he is heart worm negative. I felt so bad when they had to poke something up his butt to get poop and when they had to draw blood from him. He was already in so much pain and I hated him being in even more pain.
Monday we just laid on the couch together and watched TV. I didn’t want to sit in my rocking chair in fear it would make him feel worse. I could tell by the evening he was doing better since he was licking my hand which is something he hadn't being doing. His poop still isn't 100% back to normal but I am so happy for the improvement he has already made. He took his last douse of worm medicine this morning and I will keep him on his anti-diarrhea medicine for a few more days and then he should be as good as new. I need to remember to put his Heartguard medicine on tomorrow - I want to wait until I know all his medicine is through him before I apply it.
Well, I guess I am finished with this hump day rant. Two more days until the weekend! Whoo hoo!
I found a cool looking restaurant with a neat history called the 'Pie Kitchen' I am hoping to experience the food this weekend. Click the name of the restaurant to view their website. My mouth is watering over some of these deserts!

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