Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Hold My Coupons Please

As you know I have decided to start stock piling some items since the price of groceries/toiletries are beginning to raise in price. Obviously step one needs to be to get my coupons organized.
Sunday I went through all my coupons and trashed the ones that were expired. I had A TON that expired on April 30. Made me sad. I hate wasting money (which is essentially what coupons are).
Today I have organized my coupons into my coupon holders.
That's right, I said holders - plural. As in I have 2.
When I first started couponing I had a cheap coupon holder. It didn’t work well and didn't hold many coupons. What I learned from this was to not buy a coupon holder from the Dollar Tree - splurge and spend a little more.
I then moved on to a coupon binder when I was fully immersed into couponing. I loved my coupon binder! I was able to view all my coupons easily. This method is great when you have lots of coupons to organize. It was easy to see what I had and when they expired. It was also nice to be able to break my categories into smaller sections.
Then when I moved here (to Kentucky) I no longer had as many spots to stock my items. No pantry unit. No extra closet. So I stopped stocking as much as I used to do and I moved all my coupons to a new coupon holder.
Now I am upgrading and will be using 2 coupon holders. (My mom gave me her old one)
One for food items and the other for toiletry and paper goods.

Here's my non-food coupon holder:
I think having 2 separate coupon holders will help me stay organized. Maybe soon I will move back to my coupon binder. I wish I had a Harris Teeter grocery store near me. I love when they do there double and triple coupon events.

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