Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Dust Bunnies

I have finally started Spring cleaning today.
(If that is what you want to call it.)
I am really good about doing the basics like vacuuming, dusting, dishes, laundry......., but I wanted to do some tougher cleaning that I usually only do a few times a year and would prefer to avoid altogether. I know I should do it now before I do find a house and it is time to move. The more I do now the easier it will be when I move, right? If I am completely honest, this is the only reason I decided to do this right now since I did this not too long ago.

I figured the kitchen was as good as any other place to start.
My game plan was:
Clean refrigerator/freezer
Clean out all cabinets
-Throw away any expired food
-Make donate pile for food I don't want/like
Wipe down (dust) inside of all cabinets

Clean stove
Wash floors
Sanitize all counters and solid surfaces

Didn't take me very long to accomplish most of these items. Once I started, I was done before I knew it. Of course it doesn't hurt that my kitchen is small and I am unable to store everything in it.
I have not cleaned the floors yet. I am going to wait until I clean my bathrooms really good that way I can do all the floors in one day.

Check out my organized cabinets and fridge:

Not perfect, but it is getting there. I was surprised to find some expired food. I didn't think I had anough room for food to hide from me. :)

Next I moved to dusting all my ceiling fans (the WORST chore EVER!).
I always want to do this - I just don't because I don't want dust to be everywhere.
I had read online or in a magazine or who knows where how you should take an old pillow case and collect the dust on the inside when wiping the blades. Good idea, but I don't want to ruin any of my pillow cases. So for now I used a rag, but once I learn to use my sewing machine I want to make a towel 'pillow case'.
Good idea don't you think?
I have some ratty towels I wouldn't mind cutting up so this is the perfect project for me. In fact, I should make it my first project.

Are you impressed I have blogged twice today AND I cleaned?
I am!
Now if I could only motivate myself to exercise!!!