Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Dove On A Stick

I am suppose to be a decent couponer and I haven't even shared any of my deals with you all in such a long time.
Shame on me!
I also haven't really bought any items for my stockpile even though I said I was going to start - there really hasn't been anything worth buying. Two weeks ago I bought toilet paper from Walgreens and got back $3 in register rewards (did this twice). They were about to expire so I had to use them up and I figured I might as well roll them since I didn't really need anything.

Walgreen's has men's Dove deodorant on sale for $3.99
Buy 1 and receive $3 in register rewards back.

Here's what I did once yesterday and once today.

Deodorant $3.99
-$1 off coupon
Also bought $0.79 filler item to use my $3 RR
Made my total $1.07 for both items after coupon and RR and got back another 3 RR to use on my next visit.
Free deodorant - my favorite price!

Matt likes the Dove brand so I know he will be happy to see I got him some.
(Happy Matt?)
He doesn't like Gillette which is what I tend to buy since I get it free periodically. He keeps hoping the Dove body wash will be free or cheap soon. I am keeping my eyes opened for a good sale. Maybe we will get some in the near future.

Another good item to stock up on right now is Scott's Natural 4-pack of toilet paper.
Wal-Mart sells it for $2.68 and if you go
HERE you can print $1.50 off each 4-pack.
Makes the toilet paper $1.18. Awesome price in my book!
(Mom, I printed this coupon from your laptop when I was at your house- hope you don't mind.)
I looked on eBAY to see if I could purchase some of these coupons, but as of now no one is selling them. I HATE paying a lot of money of toilet paper so I will continue trying to get more of these coupons.

I'll keep you updated on any other good deals I find and purchase. You could always look on the blogs to the right of this page of money saving ideas.

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